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About Us

We are an initiative that develops sustainable and innovative green technologies against the global climate crisis. Through the solutions we have developed, we bring individuals and brands together with a common awareness and enable them to fight against the climate crisis together.


We developed the Trowas digital business card to change the way people use disposable paper business cards and the way they interact in the business world. Trowas are made from recyclable plastic and easily recycled bamboo that makes a great alternative to paper cards.



Our mission is to facilitate professional connections and create better business opportunities while reducing the amount of printed paper.


With Trowas digital business card, we make an eco-friendly and sustainable impact on your brand value.

Trowas Concept

How Was Born?

Paper business cards have been used in many business areas for a long time. We, the Trowas team, decided to fix this after returning from a trade fair with over 100 paper business cards before the pandemic and recognizing the problems they have created.


Paper business cards perhaps made sense before there were smartphones and innovative technologies. Now our world is developing in a technologically intelligent and digital way. This means that the way we share our contact information also needs to change.


With Trowas, we aim to eliminate paper business cards and the waste and pollution they cause. Our smart digital business cards better strengthen business connections around the world and give you the opportunity to do your part to save the planet.

The Values

We Based On


We act with the awareness of adding a strong and meaningful value to all the points we touch with each technology we develop.


We conduct innovative studies by focusing on nature and its needs in order to make environmental impacts sustainable.


We are aware of our responsibility towards nature and living things, and we leave traces of this awareness in all the steps we take.

Harmony with Nature

We are advancing our work by aiming to achieve a sustainable harmony of modern society and developing technology with nature.


We love what we do and work with people who feel the same way. We want to inspire anyone with a passion for sustainability.


We believe that we should do everything we do to the best of our ability. Quality is essential in producing inspiring solutions.

How We Work ?

The shopping process for the orders you place on our website, briefly, is as follows.

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