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How to Use a Digital Business Card?


One touch to share all your business and contact information instantly!


A single card instead of thousands of paper business cards! TROWAS digital business card.


Now let's see how to activate and use your digital business card in just a few simple steps;



After purchasing a Trowas Digital Business Card, your first step is to create an account:


Step 1

Inside your digital business card is a chip where your data is stored.

Bring your card closer to the phone's camera (front or back).


Step 2

A push notification appears on the smartphone screen. Click on the link and the digital business card link will open in the browser.


Step 3

When you click on the digital business card link, the Trowas membership interface will appear.


When the Trowas member registration screen opens, we enter our e-mail address, reliable password, password confirmation with password repetition, name, surname, phone number in the blank fields on the page.


After approving the clarification text and sales contract, we click on the become a member button and create our account.




Now Let's Personalize Our Profile:


After creating our TROWAS Membership, our profile page will open.


To add our detailed business card information, click on the edit your profile button and save all the information you want to enter by logging into your digital business card account.


Now we can add our company logo as a cover photo to personalize our profile from the drop-down menu. You can add our company logo, personal profile photo, address, phone, mail, etc. contact information, biography, directions and address information, catalog links, social media links, e-commerce account links, company invoice and bank information.


If we wish, we can personalize our theme by choosing one of our favorite colors.


In case we lose our card, we can deactivate our digital business card by turning off the active profile button.


Once we are sure that we have entered all our information, we can finish creating our profile by selecting Save Changes or click Cancel to view your options again.


Editing the content in your profile is very easy and you can always log in to your profile and edit your information by following the same steps...


We are now ready to share our knowledge with a single touch...


The only business card you need;


Touch, Share, Connect, Digital business card TROWAS!


How We Work ?

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