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Selman Emiroğlu
Imaret Real Estate
Fatih Can Bozkurt
FCB interiors
Nurşah Gülşen

As the world becomes more digital, old-fashioned promotions are becoming obsolete. Thanks to Trowas, I share my information up-to-date, easy to access and fast, and I leave a memorable mark on the people I meet.

Erhan Şahin

Trowas business card helps me expand my digital footprint and tell a new digital story. I carry only one card and have eliminated the waste associated with traditional printed business cards.

Ahmet Çelik

Trowas helps me take pride in all aspects of my job and connect with clients I meet across various platforms. Customers can access my information quickly, allowing for a more engaging dating experience.


This is a very innovative product, I now use very useful Trowas digital cards to avoid touching paper cards during a pandemic.

Fatih Can Bozkurt
FCB interiors

I was first impressed with the website, especially how clearly the card technology is explained. I felt very safe in my purchase. The order was made very quickly. I was very impressed with the product quality and customer care.

Senem Mutlu
Network Women Drivers

I saw the digital business card used by a friend, I asked where he got it and I went straight to Trowas website and ordered one, the process was pretty simple and the card is so cool.

Harith Al-Ali

The business card that's always by my side. A great card. Easy to set up and easy to use. Gone are the days where I used to provide a business card to a client who then lost it and never called me again. Since using Trowas digital businesscard the amount of callbacks I've gotten from clients has at least doubled.

Kıvanç Aslan

I learned about the Trowas card after 25 years of professional life, handing out thousands of business cards. You should know that I really enjoyed using my card (good card design, great silver logo). The design process was easy and once I approved the design, the card arrived to me within 3 days. The card is incredibly easy to use.

Ezgi Yel

We ordered Trowas Card for our team to replace old paper business cards. We all rave about the quality and ease of use. NFC technology for new networking experience is really fun. I was also pleased to work with the Trowas card team to ensure our requests were met correctly.

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