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We exist to add value to humanity, nature and the environment.

Green technology companies are established to have a positive environmental impact, reduce carbon footprint, minimize waste, or protect the world's ecosystems.



As Trowas, we work with the awareness of reducing our negative impact on nature and "giving back", and we make an eco-friendly and sustainable impact on your brand value with digital business cards. We create our products with smart technology and use as many sustainable and recyclable elements as possible.



Reduce Your Costs and Make an Eco-friendly Impact with Trowas

Digital Business Card ROI & Environmental Impact Calculator

Return on Investment (ROI)

Paper Business Card Costs:

$ 10.000

Trowas Digital Business Card Costs:

$ 3.990

Total annual cost savings:

$ 6.010

Increase in potential customer count:

200 potential customers

Environmental Impact

Number of trees your team will save annually:

5 Tree

Amount of water your team will save annually (in gallons):

2.000 Gallons

Amount of carbon emissions your team will save annually (in Lb)

304 Lb CO2

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1 Ton Paper
What Does It Gain?

kWh 4.100


4100 Kwh energy saving is provided.

kg 177

Greenhouse Gas

177 kg less greenhouse gas emissions occur.

m3 28


28 cubic meters of water is saved.

piece 17


With the recovery of 1 Ton Paper; 17 trees are prevented from being cut down.

A Sustainable

We designed Trowas Concept to develop sustainable living habits.


From past to present, business people print business cards when they start a new business or when they change their job. You probably update and change your contact information when you need it. Your cards with old information are thrown away and you have to buy more cards than you need in one package. Paper cards can get wet, dirty and are often thrown away by the people we give them to. This leads to a huge waste of paper.



Remember the forest fires of the summer of 2021, it was absolutely devastating for our world. These forest fires destroyed millions of trees. With all this destruction, each of us has a responsibility to do our part to better take care of this planet.



Take a small step now to change your habits, save paper and trees, and adopt sustainable living habits.


sustainable & attractive world technologies
sürdürülebilir & etkileyici dünya teknolojileri

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