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A Powerful Tool for Networking, NFC Digital Business Cards


A Powerful Tool for Networking, NFC Digital Business Cards

A Powerful Tool for Networking, NFC Digital Business Cards


The Most Used Technology Business Card by Entrepreneurs Trowas is the perfect, technological and digital business card for individuals and companies.



The most successful digital NFC business card brand in Turkey is Trowas Digital Business Card brand. Trowas digital business card offers its users PVC, 100% Bamboo, Metal, Gold business cards, various design options, advanced software, a user-friendly user interface and easy sharing options. Therefore, NFC is widely preferred among digital business cards.



How does a contactless business card work? What is an NFC digital card?



Traditional business cards are becoming more and more outdated. With the growing popularity of smartphones and other technologies, professionals are looking for more modern and efficient ways to share contact information. This is where the NFC Digital business card comes in.



A contactless business card is a digital business card that uses NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR code technology to allow the exchange of your contact information between mobile devices. Instead of exchanging physical cards, users tap the digital business card to their mobile phone to quickly and easily share contact information.






Discover the Benefits of Digital Business Cards




A traditional printed business card is often not as optimized as a digital business card as it allows a limited amount of information to be entered. Therefore, digital business cards have come to offer you more advantages, have a look at some of them:



  • You can enter more information, including text about yourself, links to your website, social media and other channels.
  • Customizable, so edit your information whenever you need it.
  • Because you avoid the constant printing of traditional business cards, you take a sustainable step to reduce paper use and conserve natural resources.
  • Long lasting! A digital business card can be used for a long time without needing to be replaced.
  • You also save economically, as the digital electronic business card is made only once and is yours forever.
  • As people realize that you are aware of the changes, you will have a more professional image. You promote your business or image more impressively.
  • When you need to keep your digital contact card always up to date, you can reissue it at any time.



All this is available for a reasonable price, no monthly fees or any subscriptions required, meaning you only pay once!



With a digital business card, it is now easier to network and the potential to benefit you and your brand will be higher.



Meet the TROWAS Digital Business Card now!



TROWAS is your New NFC digital business card! People you meet in a meeting or on a business visit can access your personalized profile with NFC technology and share it with a single touch from your mobile phone. This is possible thanks to NFC technology.



But don't worry! If the device does not have an NFC reader, it is possible to read the QR Code written on the card and access the data easily.




How does NFC technology work?




NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range wireless communication technology that enables data transfer between devices. It works as a kind of "convergence" between devices where a simple approach is enough to establish the connection and allow information transfer.




How does QR Code work?




A QR code is a type of code that can store information such as website addresses, texts, and phone numbers. It is read by devices such as smartphones through cameras and apps.



With your Trowas digital business card, you can enter the data you think is important and when your customer scans your card, they will be automatically redirected to your online profile with all the information entered by you!



Digital business cards combined with NFC and QR technologies are the way to exchange Contact information in a more efficient and modern way!



Now, you will enjoy the practicality and innovative digital world! To do this, access our website www.trowas.com and choose which digital business card suits you best.



When choosing an NFC digital business card, you need to consider the following:



Price: Prices for NFC digital business cards vary by brand and features.



Functions: NFC digital business cards have various functions. These functions include contact information, websites, social media links, and more.



Design: NFC digital business cards come in a variety of design options. These design options can help you create personalized and professional looking cards.



Sharing: NFC digital business cards can be easily shared. This helps you promote your business cards to a wider audience.



Trowas digital nfc business cards offer their users the following advantages:



Offers a variety of design options: Trowas offers digital business card users a variety of design options. These design options can help you create personalized and professional looking cards.



Offers advanced tools: Troas offers its users advanced innovative tools. These tools help you easily create, edit and share your business cards.



Easy sharing: Trowas technology helps you easily share your business cards. You can also share your business cards at any time via whatsapp, email, social media and other channels.



Trowas is the most successful digital NFC digital business card brand in Turkey. Trowas offers its users many business card options and various benefits. Since Trowas has a useful interface, anyone from any business area can easily use it. Therefore, if you are looking for NFC digital business cards, you can choose Trowas digital business cards.


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