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Benefits of Digital Business Cards


Benefits of Digital Business Cards

Digital business cards have a saving and environmental aspect compared to traditional paper cards. With the digital business card Trowas, you save more than 1,000 paper cards at a time that will most likely not be used in the box or thrown away by whoever eventually disposes of it.


Adobe published an article exploring the effectiveness of traditional business cards and found some interesting metrics. First, for every 2000 cards dealt, sales increase by only 2.5%.



Second, 88% of paper business cards are discarded in less than a week. This essentially means that nine out of ten business cards are discarded long before a company or employer needs you.



Third, 63% of people throw away paper business cards because they don't need the service offered. As we just said, your card will likely go to waste long before your prospect or partner finds a need for you.



With 1 Ton of Paper Savings;



4100 Kwh energy saving is provided.



177 kg less greenhouse gas emissions occur.



28 cubic meters of water is saved.



17 trees are prevented from being cut down,



So, for the sake of the planet, help saving approximately 7.2 million trees per year by switching to a digital business card that you can customize and edit at any time (rather than constantly redesigning and reprinting). Take one small step that can have a big impact with the Trowas digital card.


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