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Best Choice For Corporate Gift TROWAS Digital Business Card


Best Choice For Corporate Gift TROWAS Digital Business Card

Best Choice For Corporate Gift TROWAS Digital Business Card


In today's business world, business cards are a very important tool for professionals to establish their communication identity, connect with potential customers and business people, and promote their brands. However, traditional paper business cards have limitations such as being easily lost, discarded or damaged, not being environmentally friendly, not open to modifications, and not having enough content space to share information.



Fortunately, with the advancements in today's technologies, there is a new solution to these needs: digital NFC business cards. In this article, we will explore the use of the TROWAS digital business card as a stylish and effective corporate gift option.






What is TROWAS Digital Business Card?




Trowas is an NFC-enabled digital business card platform that offers a simple user-friendly interface to create digital business cards and share your contact information. It allows users to customize their business cards with content such as their company logo, all contact details, social media links, e-commerce links, business information and even catalog sharing. Digital Business Card Trowa You can choose one of 4 different options and present it as a gift in an elegant box with metal, bamboo, PVC and Gold options.



Trowas can also be shared very easily via digital business card, email, whatsapp, sms text message or QR code. People who click on the link can save your entire contact card in the phone book or follow you through social media platforms such as LinkedIn and connect with you directly.




Best Corporate Gift Option Trowas Digital Business Card



Giving corporate gifts is an important detail of business relationships used to leave a positive impression on your customers, express appreciation, celebrate, build loyalty and strengthen partnerships. However, traditional corporate gifts such as gift mugs, pens, calendars, trinkets, usb drives and notebooks are now outdated and offer little awareness in today's digital age.


Trowas digital business card is a stylish and effective corporate gift option that offers a modern, innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gifts. Companies become memorable by gifting business people a Trowas digital business card, giving their customers and business partners a personalized product to connect with their brand.



Why Trowas Digital Business Cards Make Great Corporate Gifts




- Customizable and Customizable




Trowas digital business cards can be customized as you wish, allowing companies to add their logos, brand colors and contact information to the digital NFC card. Additionally, users can add a personalized video introduction that makes the card more interesting and memorable for the recipient. It can place the brand logo on the stylish boxes.




- Environmentally Friendly




Traditional paper business cards require unnecessary use of paper, which is not only wasteful but also harmful to the environment as they are thrown away. Companies, business people, by using Trowas digital business cards, eliminate the need for paper, make a sustainable communication preference and reduce their carbon footprints.




- Convenient and Easy to Use:




Trowas digital business cards are very easy to use with NFC and QR code features. With a simple tap or scan, the link works and contact information can be shared. Recipients can easily save the information in the card in their phone book or connect with you through social media platforms.




- It is an economical choice




Traditional corporate gifts can sometimes be unnecessarily costly. It can often remain as a worthless and unused gift to the recipient. In contrast, Trowas digital NFC business cards are an affordable, cost-effective and stylish gift option that offers the recipient the opportunity to use a personalized, always-on, non-throwaway and innovative technology to connect with the company's brand.


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