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Convenient, Contactless and Healthy Communication


Convenient, Contactless and Healthy Communication

2020 pandemic and after, being virtual and contactless has become the norm. With COVID-19, we are all a little more conscious about viruses and hygiene. Digital business cards can play a huge role in changing the way we communicate during the pandemic and beyond. Anything can act as a carrier for germs and viruses, but especially something fibrous like a paper business card. And who knows exactly how many hands touch a single business card, from production to distribution?


It is better to be safe than sorry, and the Trowas digital business card does not need any physical contact. You are the only person touching a Trowas digital business card.



Besides being contactless, QR codes are extremely easy to share nowadays, you don't even need a separate app to read QR codes because they are usually integrated into the camera's functionality. You can also hold your phone in a virtual meeting for people to scan the digital business card QR from the screen. Crazy how useful modern technology is sometimes, right?



When it comes to convenience, we have one word for you: typos. In a printed document of any size, especially one with hundreds of copies, a typo is a costly mistake. It's even worse if you're not the first one who notice that. Come on, what if you enter the wrong phone number or miss a letter in your email address? Countless opportunities may pass you by and you may not be aware of it. Alternatively, you can correct typos, information updates or job changes with a few taps with digital business cards. Edits are hassle-free, instant, and best of all, free. Never again will you have to worry about running out of or missing your business cards.


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