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Digital Age: Innovative Needs


Digital Age: Innovative Needs

'Information Technology', which was first introduced in 1958, is developing step by step every day, maybe every second. The concept of information technology, which describes the development of information transfer in digital fields, has made a peak recently, as you can imagine. In this rise, we can see the great impact of the digital world that we have adapted with the pandemic period.


With the technological developments that form the basis of the digital world, our pace of life is increasing day by day, and the number and quality of the work we do in 24 hours increases. We no longer need a car to have a meeting, a notebook to take notes, or rummaging through dozens of shelves to find what we want while shopping. Thus, time has become a very valuable concept for us. We are now able to finish in 10 minutes what we could do in 1 hour. While the speed of accessibility of the world increased thanks to new generation applications, people started to change and rearrange their primary needs. Maybe it's time to call these needs 'innovative needs'. With the start of the pandemic in 2019, we discovered how valuable digital initiatives are for contactless communication and interaction! While keeping us away from the virus, the most important thing that kept us together with our loved ones was digital tools. As a result, ‘speed and contactless communication’ have become the innovative needs of the world.



In order to contribute to the parallel progress of needs and initiatives, we have developed TROWAS Digital Business Card as a service that meets all these needs and even more. TROWAS, which has been meticulously designed by considering the qualities that will accelerate the business life of people in their daily lives, has become a wanted part of the business world. Thanks to the digital business card we have developed with NFC technology, you do not have to exchange paper business cards with your new networks. By simply bringing your digital business card closer to the phone, you can reflect your current information on the other party's screen and take a place in their directory. It's that easy. The most important plus of this convenience is that it is environmentally friendly!


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