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Digital Business Cards Cut Costs


Digital Business Cards Cut Costs

With digital business card Trowas you get great basic features.


When you change your address, get promoted, change your title, change your phone number, or realize that there is a mistake in the design, you must reprint each card from printed paper. With a digital business card, you can save time and printing costs by not having to print a new business card every time your information changes.



Traditional paper business cards are disposable. You distribute them in the hope that a customer will want to do business with you soon. However, the cost of purchasing paper business cards will range in the hundreds of units of money. It depends on how often you need to reorder a new deck of cards and how often you think you'll be handing them out to potential customers. Over time, the cost will increase.



You only need to buy digital business cards once and you don't have to worry about giving them away.



Battery Power Saving: NFCs are also a great power saver for your mobile. You won't have to set up long-distance connections over Bluetooth or WIFI to share your contact information.



We've already touched on convenience, but still, to share your contact information, all you have to do is pull out your card, let the other person scan it with their mobile device, and you're all set.


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