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Digital business cards for future-oriented companies


Digital business cards for future-oriented companies

When compared to traditional paper business cards, Trowas digital business cards reflect your company's emphasis on innovation, digitalization, and a visionary outlook. Discard old business card papers and showcase that your company is up-to-date. As we know, in today's fiercely competitive environment, the real winners are innovative companies.



Trowas represents digitization.


Digitization has made significant progress in recent years, transforming the way we do business and communicate. Digital business cards are an innovative step in this digital revolution, offering users many advantages compared to traditional business cards.



  • The digitization of business cards has reduced the need for paper and printed materials. According to Statista data, more than 2.2 billion business cards were printed worldwide in 2019. Transitioning to digital business cards can make a significant contribution to environmental conservation.
  • Digital business cards can be created, activated, edited, and shared within a short period. At Trowas, users can use their business cards online and share their information without the need for printed cards in just a few steps.
  • Digital business cards are accessible anytime, anywhere. In the digital age where we are constantly connected to our smartphones and other devices, digital business cards are a practical option. They can be easily and quickly shared anytime, anywhere.
  • Digital business cards offer higher flexibility and personalization. Users on Trowas can customize their business cards according to their corporate identity, creating a unique and appealing design suitable for their companies and brands.
  • The digitization of business cards has increased efficiency in business communication. Trowas digital business cards save time and enhance efficiency in business communication.



Digitizing business cards with Trowas offers many advantages to business professionals, ranging from being environmentally friendly to increasing efficiency in business communication. Trowas provides an excellent option for anyone seeking a practical and effective way to share contact information, thanks to the quick and easy creation of digital business cards and the ability to personalize them.



Discover the world of Trowas Digital Business Cards now and surprise your customers and business partners with your innovative approach!



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