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Digital Business Cards: The Future of Communication


Digital Business Cards: The Future of Communication

Let's talk frankly. When was the last time you followed a business card someone gave you? Do you find yourself cleaning up clutter and throwing tons of small papers in the trash every few months?
If you're tired of the old-fashioned ways of networking, consider digital business cards. They're probably not what you think; W are not talking about PDFs or PNGs. Digital business cards have evolved, so let us show you what we're talking about.



What is a Digital Business Card?




It is an online way to share your information with others. What information? Any information you want. You can include standard information such as your phone number or email and without the clutter of a small piece of visual paper when networking, you can also add company information, social media links and anything else you want to share.
Most of us would rather scroll through a visually stimulating content page on our own time than sort through our discarded piles and reach for that business card, right?
This is where digital business cards and software come in. Think of it like a multi-use piece of media that works not only for face-to-face networking, but also for indirect networking (links in bio, email signatures, etc.). You can also have more creativity and flexibility with something like this – color choices, your unique logo, photos, video, etc. The digital world is at your command. We promise that your personality will be much more useful on a digital business card than a piece of paper.




How Do Digital Business Cards Work?




Trowas is a networking platform that allows you to share your information with others using fully customizable pages. There is a chip working with NFC technology placed in Trowas digital cards. When you bring the card closer to the phone, a pop-up appears on the screen. The user clicks on the pop-up and saves your contact information on his/her phone. For old model phones without NFC feature, simply scan the QR code on the card with the camera and click on the link that opens.


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