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Digital Growth Tool, Digital Business Cards and Digital Catalogs


Digital Growth Tool, Digital Business Cards and Digital Catalogs

Those old paper business cards and paper catalogs that were once circulating are now turning into a digital growth tool with Trowas digital business cards and digital catalogues. The business world is trying to keep up with the digital transformation and digital business cards appear as an innovative solution, and business people are looking for ways to gain potential customers with these effective products.


A business card, a catalog is like the key to a door to sales in the business world. But this door is now opening in a digital world. With digital business cards, you can now reach potential customers with just a few taps. Digital business cards provide an effective way to present your business.


Digital business cards can convey not only information but also feeling. Colors, design and writing style can reflect your business and personality. An elegant logo or an eye-catching graphic will set you apart. A business card is no longer just on paper, it is a means of establishing an impressive and lasting bond with the customer.


Customers are the most important part of our business. We all work with customers, right? So, would you rather acquire new customers or retain existing customers? New customer acquisition costs six times more than retaining existing customers.


Building a lasting bond with your customers is essential to growing your business. This is where the effect of digital business cards comes into play.


Share your business card easily and securely without wasting time in your daily life by using Trowas digital business card whenever you need it. Share with anyone, anytime! It works via approximation (NFC), scanning (QR Code) and linking (URL).


Digital business cards also stand out as an environmentally friendly option. It offers unlimited sharing potential while avoiding paper waste. You can easily share them with anyone and cross borders. You can enter the world of your potential customers with just one touch.


Traditional business cards can be forgotten as they pass from one hand to the next. But digital business cards leave a mark inside smartphones. They stay there every time as a reminder message. This makes your work memorable.


Acquiring leads with digital business cards is like the beginning of a story. This story is the first step towards growing your business and achieving success. In the magical gardens of the virtual world, they help you to establish an emotional connection with your potential customers.


Remember, a digital business card is just a tap away. Use it as the magic key for me to impress your potential customers. This is the effect of digital business cards.


Touch, share, connect with Trowas…

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