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#EarthDay – Awareness Day to Protect Our Environment and Our World!


#EarthDay – Awareness Day to Protect Our Environment and Our World!

#EarthDay – Raising Awareness to Protect Our Environment and Planet!


#EarthDay is approaching—have you started thinking more about preserving our nature and planet? There couldn't be a better time to develop projects to protect our environment, prevent deforestation, and demonstrate your commitment to our planet by planting a tree.


We all agree that our environment needs to be sustainably protected, but today, we can honor our world and Mother Earth more than ever and demonstrate our commitment to preserving this beautiful planet for future generations.



April 22nd is #EarthDay, a global celebration of the beauty, diversity, and essential role of our planet in life worldwide. The first Earth Day was organized in 1970 as a national demonstration to raise awareness about environmental issues.



People from all over the world come together to celebrate this significant global event and organize activities. Various events are held, ranging from environmental clean-ups and sustainability projects to tree-planting initiatives and educational workshops.



Now is the time to take action for our planet and Earth! Today should be a celebration that creates more awareness than ever. The world is calling out to us! Climate change, environmental issues—it's the most devastating and challenging problem we've faced throughout history.




How Many Reasons Do You Need to Take More Eco-Friendly Actions by Reducing Our Environmental Impact?




Forests absorb one-third of the carbon dioxide emissions contributing to our planet's warming. Trees fight climate change, serve as habitats for millions of species, generate income for local populations, aid in food, fodder, and medicine provision, purify our air of toxins, and protect our rivers and water sources. Yet, due to deforestation—a major source of global emissions—we are losing 12 million hectares of forest every year.



By reducing paper waste, planting a tree, you not only showcase your commitment but also send a message of awareness to others in your network. Gift everyone—your customers, employees, and business partners—a Trowas digital business card, bringing everyone together under the goal of a sustainable future and reconnecting with nature.



Let's evaluate #EarthDay as a celebration of hope, action, and awareness to create a lasting, positive change for our world.



At TROWAS Digital Business Card, we're working towards revolutionizing the way business networking and communication occur by transitioning from paper business cards to NFC-enabled digital business cards, offering a more sustainable and practical alternative.



Environmental consciousness and preservation are integral parts of our mission, which is why we work towards reducing paper waste and adding new trees to our planet.



We're excited to announce that TROWAS has contributed to saving over 10,000 trees to date!

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