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Eco-Friendly Digital Business Cards for Sustainable Businesses


Eco-Friendly Digital Business Cards for Sustainable Businesses

What does digital business card mean? What does an NFC business card do? How can a digital business card be an eco-friendly business card? A digital business card, called Hint, is digital in nature. A digital business card uses technology and software, not paper, to share your contact information.


Instead of carrying a paper card in your wallet or purse, a single digital business card can be shared. You can see the benefits of using a digital business card to make you and your business more sustainable and completely eliminate your dependence on paper.



Digital business cards can be shared online. This eliminates the need for your contacts to share paper cards with you as well.



With the rapid digitalization brought by the COVID process, expectations have now changed and businesses' teams need to adapt to it.



Speaking of changing expectations, it seems almost incomprehensible that businesses continue to print new paper cards for themselves. By a rough estimate, around 45-50 Billion paper business cards are expected to end up in landfills this year. Leaving paper aside, do we also need the amount of bleach, industrial ink and paper used to make traditional business cards? Adopting a digital business card keeps more than paper out of the landfill.



With TROWAS' digital business cards in different options, you allow people to save your contact information directly on their smartphones, instead of throwing your business card away or leaving it in a business bag. Isn't this a smarter and smarter way for all modern individuals and teams in today's business world to share their contact information with everyone, wherever they go?



How bad are paper business cards for the environment?




Cutting thousands of trees from nature




Carbon emissions released to nature during the paper production process.



300+ liters of water used by manufacturers to make just one kilo of paper.



Bleach, toxic dyes and plastics used during printing.



Environmental damage in the transportation process to customers.



The energy used in waste management, sorting, transportation and taking your unwanted cards to landfill.



In the past maybe there wasn't much choice for you to share your contact information in a professional setting. Fortunately today there is an innovative green and sustainable option and more and more people and organizations are switching to nfc business cards, qr code business cards, digital business cards.



We can do better, we should all do better than that. The best digital business card TROWAS!


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