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Eco-Friendly Steps


Eco-Friendly Steps

Sustainability has become the concept we talk about the most today. We live in a world where we consume while we also produce. Therefore, we must protect our natural resources and determine our needs well. Although demanding and consuming more than is needed provides individual and short-term satisfaction, it puts the future of the world in trouble in a wide range of time. From this point of view, we can say that 'togetherness' should be considered important for a sustainable world. So we must maintain the balance between nature and society. For this, changing some of our habits in our personal lives will prepare us as a society for a more sustainable world. We have a few tips for you which habits we can change!



Tips From TROWAS Concept !




Most of the time, we are not aware of the damage we do to nature with carbon emissions. However, with the digital age, much more carbon emissions occur. Even the smallest thing we can do about it has a big impact. Switching your electronic devices off instead of keeping them in sleep mode saves energy.



Have you ever tried growing some vegetables in your own home? You don't have to have a big garden for this. For example, you can grow vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers in your flower pot on your balcony. At first, it may not meet all your needs, but after a while, you can transform some of the vegetables in your home from your own plantings.



You don't have to buy the fertilizer from outside. It can create compost from the fruits and vegetables you eat . You can revive your plants with your natural fertilizer. While this habit supports a sustainable world, it can also reduce the cost of your home.


Using the recycle bin. Separating the packaging you use in your home according to its materials and using the appropriate recycling boxes is one of the most basic steps of the sustainable world.


Reducing paper use actually saves the world from many harmful processes. Like what? Think of it this way, each paper has a lot of steps to go through in order to reach your hand. Think about the carbon released when trees are cut down, material is processed, paper is delivered to sales areas. Yes, they all have their own disadvantages. You can reduce paper use or contribute to its recycling in many ways. TROWAS Concept also has an environmentally friendly initiative in this regard. For a sustainable world, you can now recycle thousands of paper business cards that you have printed on behalf of your brand and meet TROWAS digital business card. When using a digital business card, you will save our world from many tiring and damaging processes!


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