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Ecological and Technological Digital Business Card


Ecological and Technological Digital Business Card

Ecological and Technological Digital Business Card



With the new generation technologies, digital business cards are used to convey the contact information of the users, which makes it easier to reach the target audience compared to the traditional business cards made of paper.




With digital business cards with NFT technology; personal information, contact information, social media links are easily transmitted. Thanks to digital business cards that are easy to install and use, there is no need to carry tens of paper business cards. The use of digital business cards is more advantageous, especially since it does not create an extra burden during travels. TROWAS digital business card, which is conscious of protecting nature and the environment, aims at sustainable consumption. With the TROWAS digital business card, which can be updated at any time, you can share your changed information again.




What are the Features of Digital Business Cards?




Digital business cards, born from the needs of the digital age, are used independently of time and place. TROWAS digital business card; It allows you to communicate remotely contactless with NFC and QR technology. Digital business cards that can be shared with a single touch are compatible with different operating systems. You can create your digital business card through ready-made templates, or you can design a business card that describes you with customizable options. TROWAS digital business cards can also be used in more than one category. It allows to present many different information with a single business card. Digital business cards, an impressive tool for your image, support the prevention of paper waste. With TROWAS digital business card, you can be remembered faster as a visual presentation. digital business card; It offers the opportunity to introduce yourself or your brand through dozens of communication channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, e-mail, and message.




What are the Advantages of Using a Digital Business Card?





You can create different options consisting of more than one design with digital business cards, which are a good option brought by technology for those who want to make a faster and more lasting impression. Digital business cards that make it easier to reach your target audience through online tools increase your awareness. Other advantages of using TROWAS digital business cards are as follows:




  • It allows to reflect the correct information, including the latest changes, thanks to its ability to be updated at any time.

  • Helps reduce costs by avoiding the need for paper business cards.

  • It is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  • It is suitable for non-contact use for personal health measures.

  • Like paper business cards, they are less likely to be lost.

  • It can be used directly with the phone without the need for different applications.

  • It is possible to make hundreds of shares with a single digital card.

  • You can make original presentations thanks to the catalog linking features.


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