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Effects of Marketing Techniques on Digital Business Cards


Effects of Marketing Techniques on Digital Business Cards

Digital marketing is the name given to the marketing process that enables the presentation of a company and brand to be used on digital platforms. Today, it is the newest and most developed open marketing method. Although digital marketing is more up-to-date than traditional marketing methods and it adapts to the developing world. You can highlight and promote your brand, increase your sales and establish a professional relationship with your customers through digital marketing and digital channels.


What are Digital Marketing Tools?


  • Websites
  • Social media platforms
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Online PR studies
  • Online brochure and catalogs
  • Interactive tools


What if we told you that the tools we mentioned above were collected in a single material? You can use digital marketing techniques much more effectively with Digital Business Card and Digital Catalog, an initiative of TROWAS Concept. You can host your website, social media accounts, presentations about your brand and much more on these digital cards. Thus, when you come together with your customer network, you can use digital marketing techniques more effectively and increase your sales with marketing techniques on social platforms.



The most important feature of digital marketing is speed. Factors that will make you stand out from your competitors; it depends on how innovative, practical and effective you do your work. At this point, the tool that will meet your needs is TROWAS Digital Business Card and Digital Catalog! Since we are in the digital age, you should not miss promotional opportunities and find ways to highlight your brand. In this way, we, as TROWAS Concept, were extremely successful in our promotional activities and spread our brand globally.


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