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Expand Your Business Network with TROWAS Digital Business Card in the New Year!


Expand Your Business Network with TROWAS Digital Business Card in the New Year!

Expand Your Business Network with TROWAS Digital Business Card in the New Year!



In the age of technology, exchanging paper business cards has become obsolete. TROWAS is a business card revolution with digital technology.




Offering a convenient and environmentally friendly way to share contact information , digital business cards are the future of networking .



Our digital business cards are easy to create and customize, allowing you to showcase your professional brand in a modern and effective way. Our innovative digital infrastructure is being developed to offer brand new features in 2023, and we are revolutionizing the business card industry in the new year.



Imagine the situation: you need a business card and you choose the traditional way of “making business cards out of paper”. In the design studio, you first deal with the design of your cards, then you have to check it before printing at the print shop and request corrections for possible defects.



After paper business cards are printed, there is a new challenge. You should always carry paper business cards with you, which means they take up unnecessary space in your pocket, wallet or jacket. More importantly, when you give someone your business card with your contacts on it, that person has no choice but to manually enter your information on their phone. Thus, you lose your time unnecessarily, and the processes that take your time continue, and the old methods of networking remain incomplete.



Choose one of the TROWAS digital business cards and share your contact information with the next generation in a smart, contactless and sustainable way. Expand your business network with TROWAS Digital Business Card in the new year!



Gone are the days of carrying paper business cards, the era of having a big wallet full of paper business cards or a big place in your pocket for them in your purse.



When the moment comes when you want to share your contact data, simply bring your Trowas digital business card close to the mobile device of the other party or touch it. You can easily update and modify your digital business card as needed. You can add additional information to your digital business card, such as links to your website or social media profiles, to best present your professional identity.



Trowas Digital business card is not only more convenient, but also more environmentally friendly. No more wasting paper business cards, no more harming the environment. No more clutter clutter in your wallet or purse.



Digital business cards offer a more professional, stylish and modern look, in addition to the convenience and environmentalism they provide. With TROWAS, you can create an elegant and stylish digital business card that accurately represents your brand.


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