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Love The World


Love The World

Our Earth.


A living, blue globe dancing in the void...



Our world, which has been extraordinarily generous to all the living things it hosts, since the 3.5 billion years on which life began.



But, this cosmic wonder is no longer what it used to be. Not as powerful and efficient as in the beginning. Because the rapidly increasing world population is consuming and polluting its magical resources. Perforation in the atmosphere, pollution in rivers and oceans, disappearing rainforests and deserted lands are now viewed from space.



That bright blue sphere was replaced by a fading, dull and almost disappearing image.



Hand for a livable world. Let's give it away... There is no other planet where we can live!




What Can We Do?




Let's prefer reusable products. Reusable products generally generate less waste. Thus, waste management costs are reduced and natural resources are protected.



Let's use sturdy and washable plates, cutlery, and knives at picnics.



Let's use refillable cartridges for equipment such as printers and photocopiers.



Yazıcı, fotokopi makinesi gibi gereçlerde doldurulabilir kartuşlu tercih edelim.



Let's use cloth napkins or serving cloths at home.



Let's use refillable containers.



Let's use rechargeable batteries.



When purchasing one-time use material, let's buy as much as necessary.



Let's borrow, rent or share unused items.



Infrequently used items such as electric vehicles, entertainment items are usually they rust, take up space and often go to waste. Let's try to rent, borrow or share this type of material when needed.



Let's deliver the materials to waste management to recycle them.



Let's train others in the evaluation of waste.



Atıkların değerlendirilmesinde başkalarını eğitelim.



Let's share with others our knowledge and experience about the evaluation of waste. Subject; let's tell our family, friends, neighbors, business circle and decision makers. Let's write to the relevant companies to encourage unnecessary packaging and reducing the dangerous components in the products.




Did You Know?




Our country produces about 70 thousand tons of garbage per day.



About 20-25% of the amount of garbage produced is recyclable waste.



One tenth of the 100 million pieces of bread produced every day in our country is thrown away.



Compared to new production, 95% energy savings are achieved in the production of new products from waste metal and plastic.



For every ton of glass recycled, approximately 100 liters of oil are saved.



Used a ton; When the paper is recycled, it prevents the cutting of 18 adult trees, the occupation of 600 liters of landfill, the consumption of 25 thousand liters of water and the release of air pollutants into the atmosphere.



Every day, 3 times the amount of garbage in Istanbul is thrown into the seas of the world.



The population of 26% living in developed countries uses 80% of the total energy produced in the world.



5.7 liters of gasoline pollutes 3 million liters of drinking water.



1 liter of used engine oil poisons 800 tons of drinking water.




Now, touch nature by making sustainable changes in your life at every moment.




Combat directly against the global climate crisis with every eco-measure you take in your daily life.



TROWAS digital business card adds a green value to your brand. Add an environmentally friendly and sustainable value to your brand by changing the way you communicate with your customers and touching nature directly and with a positive effect.


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