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Meta Has Launched Twitter Rival Threads


Meta Has Launched Twitter Rival Threads

Meta Has Launched Twitter Rival Threads


Meta has launched Twitter rival Threads, which is based on Instagram's account system.



Meta Instagram announced the anticipated launch of Threads, the text-based social networking app that allows users to post short content, including text up to 500 characters; Links; photos and videos up to 5 minutes long can be shared with Threads.



The launch was a success thanks to strong cross-promotion on Instagram, where you have an account with the same username in one click and follow the same people to nearly ten million new accounts in the first seven hours.



At launch, it's available on iOS and Android in 100 countries outside the EU, due to regulations to adhere to local data privacy regulations. Users can log in with their Instagram credentials to which their username and verification status will be migrated. However, Threads profiles can also be customized independently.



To access the threads, users must first authenticate using their existing Instagram login credentials. The app will then be populated with current account details such as name, username, photo and followers. Verification will also be transferred to the new app. This integration gives a quick start to Instagram's new app in terms of registrations.



Beyond instant access to your network, another benefit of the app's Instagram integration is that it will migrate users' block lists on Instagram. It also works under the same Community Guidelines as Instagram, making it easy to understand what's allowed and what isn't. Users will also be able to change which audiences they allow to respond to each of their posts.



Instagram is experimenting with other ways for users to connect besides sharing photos and videos in Reels, Stories and Feeds. It adds text, images, polls, reactions, GIFs and more to messages in users' Instagram inboxes.



You can add the link of your Threads account to your Trowas digital business card profile or your NFC-enabled card, and you can easily share it with people you meet and let them follow you.



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