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NFC Business Card for Sustainability


NFC Business Card for Sustainability

Trowas Digital Business Card is an environmentally forward-thinking solution for the modern business world, as well as an innovative choice that embraces the business preferences of our age and sustainability awareness. Brands are constantly looking for new ways to engage with customers and build meaningful relationships. NFC technology is a cost-effective, durable and effective customer communication tool that is changing the way businesses market themselves.


From production costs to the environment, there are multiple reasons to use a Trowas NFC-enabled digital business card.



27 million paper business cards are printed daily in the world. Traditional business cards are mass-printed, outdated, and often thrown away. Environmental studies show that 88% of printed business cards are thrown away in less than a week. Traditional paper business cards are outdated and harmful to the environment.


The Trowas card, which can be used instead of thousands of paper business cards, allows a business to use the same card over and over and instantly update it whenever they want! Thus, it eliminates the dependency on disposable paper cards.


Just tap and share - simple!



Say goodbye to carrying multiple cards for a start. Instantly and effortlessly share your social media links, website links, payment methods, contact information and more with one tap.



First impressions matter, and being able to effortlessly share your contact information on someone's phone, eliminating the need for a potential customer or business partner to physically store your card or, worse, enter your information manually, is invaluable.


Our packaging materials are recyclable or made from recycled materials. We are constantly researching and working with our suppliers to find new innovative manufacturing solutions that will help us in areas such as reducing the carbon footprint and completely eliminating non-recyclable materials.

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