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NFC Digital Business Card, NFC Digital Menu for Business and Cafes


NFC Digital Business Card, NFC Digital Menu for Business and Cafes

NFC Digital Business Card, NFC Digital Menu for Business and Cafes


Today, the digital age has brought about a digital revolution in the way we do business. In today's world, it is essential for any business to have a strong online presence to be successful in business. Cafes, eateries and coffee shops are no exception. With the rise of digital menu, Online ordering and fast delivery, cafes need to find innovative ways to interact with their customers and drive customer traffic to their physical locations.



NFC (Near Field Communication) technology offers unique opportunities for cafes and businesses to connect with their customers in new ways.



NFC technology allows two devices to interactively communicate and exchange information with each other when in close proximity. This technology can be used to create Trowas Digital NFC business cards and Trowas Digital NFC Menu for marketing and customer interaction for cafes.






Digital Business Cards for Business




Digital business cards are a brand new and innovative way for businesses to present themselves. These digital business cards and digital menus contain links to the cafe's website, menu, directions, Google reviews, tripadvisor rating pages or social media pages via QR code or NFC interaction with the customer's smartphone. Digital menus and business cards can also be used to provide customers with discounts, loyalty rewards and other programs and promotions.



With digital business cards and digital menus, customers don't have to worry about losing a paper card, paper menu or brochure. Instead, they can easily store the information on their smartphones and access it whenever they need it. This makes it easier for your customers to remember your business, be memorable, and engage with you again in the future, leading to customer conversion.




Trowas for Business




Trowas digital menu is a type of NFC tag that can be placed in the field within any business, including tables, chairs or counters. These NFC chips can be programmed to interact when a customer brings their smartphone close to them so they can reach your menu, comment or add on your social media to follow them. To direct customers to the cafe's menu, online ordering system or social media pages, Trowas offers a brand new great customer use experience.



Trowas digital business cards and digital menus can also be used to provide customers with special promotions or discounts. For example, a cafe might place a Trowas NFC business card on a table that provides customers with a discount code if they order within the next hour.



This type of digital menu and use of digital business cards can be an innovative way to attract new customers to your business and cafe, and increase customer acquisition and customer loyalty.




The Benefits of Promotion for Cafes with NFC Menu and Business Card




There are many benefits to using digital menu and digital business card NFC chips for cafes. Here are just a few of them:



Increased customer engagement: NFC technology offers a new and innovative way for businesses to interact with their customers. Cafes provide customers with Digital business cards and Trowas QR and NFC-Enabled digital business cards, providing a more interactive, innovative, memorable and engaging experience for their customers.



Interactive customer experience: NFC technology can also enhance the customer experience in the digital realm by making it easier for customers to access information about your business, such as menus, ordering systems, review reviews and promotions.



Increasing customer graph: businesses can acquire new customers, build customer loyalty and increase sales by using Trowas NFC technology to provide discounts and promotions to their customers.



Increased brand awareness: Trowas, Digital Menu and Digital business cards can also help increase brand awareness for cafes. Businesses can create a stronger brand image and increase customer loyalty by offering customers an innovative, impressive, sustainable, environmentally friendly and memorable experience.








NFC technology offers brand new opportunities, offering new and innovative steps for businesses and cafes to connect with their customers and increase sales. By using Digital business cards and Digital menus, cafes can create a more interactive and engaging experience for their customers, improve the customer experience, increase customer traffic, increase loyalty and build brand awareness. If you are a business owner looking for ways to grow your business, incorporate the use of Trowas digital business cards, digital menus and NFC technology into your business plan to take your promotion and marketing to the next level.


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