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NFC Technology and Sustainability


NFC Technology and Sustainability

NFC Technology and Sustainability


NFC, which is already in phones and some chip technologies, is spreading rapidly in daily life. This technology, which has found its place from public transportation to the industry, may be a virtual ticket, perhaps replacing a personal identity card in the future. If you are wondering about the relationship between NFC technology and sustainability, you can take a look at the details.




What is NFC Technology?




NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is a short distance (near field) wireless communication technology. NFC, which is similar to RFID (Remote Sensing Technology) technology, works at shorter distances and provides higher speed data transfer.



NFC technology is widely used especially in mobile payment systems. For example, information is exchanged wirelessly between a bank card with NFC on a mobile device and a POS terminal, thus making payment.



NFC technology can also be used for various applications. For example; Transactions such as data transfer between mobile phones, computers and home appliances or between mobile phones and automatic doors can be performed quickly.




What is the Relationship Between NFC and Sustainability?




One of the best things about NFC technology is that it is seen as an environmentally sustainable option. For example, mobile payment systems with NFC can replace cash or credit cards, thereby reducing the use of paper products. On the other hand, the use of physical media such as paper or CD can be reduced thanks to data transfer via NFC.



With NFC technology, data can be transferred wirelessly between many devices. This allows you to get rid of cables and therefore reduce waste.



NFC technology can also be used to save energy, especially if used in the industrial field. For example, sending required information to a machine via an NFC tag eliminates the process of manually entering this information, thus saving energy.



Options such as digital business card and QR business card combined with NFC technology can be used as a technological and ecological alternative. At the same time, thanks to NFC technology, digital business cards allow you to transfer your contact information in a contactless and impressive way. In this way, it offers an option that is both technologically and ecologically advantageous. You can also choose TROWAS for your digital business card needs.


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