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One card instead of thousands of paper business cards!


One card instead of thousands of paper business cards!

Digitalize Your Business with Trowas Business Card, the Best Way to Meet!


With Trowas, a new generation connection and meeting experience, we are changing the way business people use disposable paper products and the way they interact in the business world.



Digital business cards with NFC Technology; You can easily add and share your company logo, profile picture, address, phone, e-mail web address, catalog links, etc. contact information, social media accounts, e-commerce accounts, company and bank information, directions etc.



Traditional business cards are printed in bulk, out of date, and are harmful to the environment and our economy, as they are often thrown away. Trowas; In this period when consumable costs increase at a high level, it eliminates your paper business card and paper catalog expenses, saving you time and cost!



Many trees are cut down for paper products used in business card printing. Disposable paper products that we use without thinking continue to pollute nature rapidly. Let's not forget that we have more ecological alternatives that we can use instead.



Say goodbye to the days when traditional paper business cards were thrown away, lost, forgotten or buried in office drawers!



Carry your business into the digital future with the convenience and efficiency of Trowas Digital business cards.



🌐 Instant Availability



🌱 Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable



📈 Impressive Professionalism



💼 Easy Customization



📊 Valuable Information






🌐 Ease of Sharing with Instant Access feature



Trowas Digital business card offers the opportunity to instantly share your business card with NFC technology and QR code feature. Thus, you can communicate quickly and effectively with your new business contacts at business meetings or meeting moments.



🌱 Eco-friendly and Sustainable



Trowas Digital Business Card avoids the waste of traditional paper business cards that are printed thousands of times and thrown away, lost, forgotten or buried in office drawers. It is an environmentally friendly and sustainable option as it has unlimited use.




📈 A Strong Image and an Impressive First Impression



It is now much easier with Trowas to stand out from your competitors and reflect your difference! Trowas Digital business card allows you to reflect your digital image in an impressive way in the business world by going beyond what we are accustomed to from traditional business cards. In business meetings and meeting moments, you can make a memorable first impression with your digital business card and impress with a tech-savvy approach.





💼 Easy Customization with Dynamic Contents Updated Anytime


One of the most important advantages of using a digital business card is the freedom to update your information whenever you want. With Trowas Digital business card, it is possible to easily update your business card and your changing contact and company information whenever you need it.





✅Practical and Easy to Use


Trowas digital business cards stand out not only with their impressive experience but also with their ease of use. With a digital business card, your customers can quickly save your business card ID as a contact in their mobile phone book and access them whenever they want, without having to manually type your information on their phones.





📱Creating a Digital Identity and Biography


Creative professionals can create their digital identities with Trowas Digital business card links; They can easily share their talents, content or success stories on their digital business cards as a bio link. In addition to the contact information in your Trowas bio link; You can also find many new content such as your website, social media accounts, other links you want to add, company details, bio.





📊 Valuable Information and Interaction


With your Digital Business Card ID, you enable your customers to access additional information with a single click. With NFC Communication, it is possible to make calls, send e-mails, enter your company's website, provide valuable information and interact with those who want to follow social networks by scanning a QR code to contactless or non-NFC phones.




💎 Exclusively for You!



With Trowas Digital Business Card, creative details such as your logo and color palette can be found on your business card as you wish. It doesn't end there... Creative design with Trowas continues in the digital profile you have created. It is possible to create a completely special area with your photo, cover image and similar details that you can add.


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