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One Touch to Share All Your Business and Contact Information Instantly!


One Touch to Share All Your Business and Contact Information Instantly!

Digital business cards are the way professionals share and collect contact information as the business world is rapidly digitalizing.


"The Easiest Way to Meet in the Digital World: Trowas Business Cards!"


Trowas digital business cards are a customizable and effective business card that can be shared via NFC technology and QR codes and can be opened instantly in the phone browser when shared.


Meet our digital business cards to stay one step ahead in the business world! Forget your traditional paper business cards and grow your business in the online world. Touch, share, connect, step into a new era in your business with digital business cards.



Touch: Our digital business cards can be viewed with just a touch of a finger on your mobile phone touchscreen. You can quickly forward your displayed business card to others.

Share: You can easily share your business card via email, text or social media. Sharing your business card at job interviews, conferences or other professional events is now much easier and greener.

Connect: Our digital business cards give you the opportunity to make important connections in the business world. They give you quick access to your social media profiles and contact details, so you can easily communicate with potential business partners and customers.


Stand out in the business world and stay ahead of your competitors with our digital business cards. Touch, share, connect - start using this digital transformation tool to grow your business now!



Sustainability and Environmental


Digital business cards are an environmentally friendly option, reducing dependence on paper. While traditional business cards consume large amounts of paper to produce and print, digital business cards are stored in digital format, saving millions of trees annually. Also, given the risk of physical business cards being lost or discarded, digital business cards offer a more sustainable solution.


Digital business cards are also highly sustainable, reducing reliance on paper and saving millions of trees a year.


Digital business cards offer a glimpse into the future of business. At a time when the speed of communication is increasing, digital business cards are a more effective and greener way for professionals to communicate. By stepping into this digital revolution, you can be one step ahead in the business world.


Contact us for customized Trowas digital business cards and let us help you grow your business even more.


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