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Professional Businesses Use Digital NFC Business Cards


Professional Businesses Use Digital NFC Business Cards

Professional Businesses Use Digital NFC Business Cards


Business networking and good communication have a very specific purpose for business professionals: helping them reach their target audience.




How do digital business cards work?




NFC Digital business cards; Personal and business communications such as cardholder's name, email address, phone numbers, physical address, directions, company name, title, billing information, bank information, websites, e-commerce & social media URLs, photos It has data fields with a series of fields that describe its information.




NFC digital business card link can be shared in the following ways;




can be sent to electronic devices using near field communication (NFC) or dynamic quick response (QR) code technology






Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) text message



Social media instant message (DM)



File transfer services like Apple Airdrop



When recipients receive a link directly or after the forwarded URL, they have the option to add the data to their contacts or update their existing contacts for the sender. They can then access their contact data directly on their device or visit a profile page with cardholder information, if available.




Here are some of the ways digital NFC-enabled business cards are used in business today:




Reach and Brand Awareness



Digital NFC-enabled business cards work seamlessly with social media, email and other platforms, helping to support a brand through broad reach. Professionals can share their details or profiles almost unlimitedly, whether in person or online.




Lead Generation




Digital NFC-enabled business cards often act as the "first touch" in a marketing campaign, and profile tools can then lead to customer engagement. Leads can also be tracked and help evaluate the effectiveness of networking efforts.








Digital NFC-enabled business card dashboards can be enhanced with powerful analytics tools that provide cardholders with real-time insights into how audiences interact with their content. Data can help businesses grow by helping them measure the return on investment (ROI) of events and networking activities.




What should be in an NFC Digital business card?




An electronic business card should contain the following information:



Your name and title



Company name, logo and website



Basic contact information, including phone number, email and address if applicable



Professional social media accounts such as Twitter, Linked-in or Instagram



The purpose of digital business cards is to share more information in a more useful and dynamic way than is possible with traditional paper business cards.



With rapid market adoption, Digital NFC business cards are becoming the de facto standard for sharing communications between individuals, professionals and business owners.


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