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Sustainability: Moving Towards a Green Future in Trowas


Sustainability: Moving Towards a Green Future in Trowas

Sustainability is not just a concept, it is part of Trowas' way of doing business and mission. We believe that steps taken in the name of sustainability, such as digital business cards, will lead to big changes in the future. 🍀🌿


Here are some example steps we have taken to ensure sustainability in our workplace;


Digital Business Cards: We started using digital business cards with NFC Technology to keep paper usage to a minimum while valuing our business. This helps us conserve resources and make our way of doing business green and environmentally friendly.


Waste Management: We pay attention to waste management. We prefer recyclable materials to increase our contribution to recycling and minimize our impact on nature by separating waste.


Energy Efficiency: We take various measures to increase energy efficiency in our workplace. We reduce energy consumption by using LED lighting and save energy by putting our computers in sleep mode when not in use.


Sustainable Supply Chain: We adopt the principle of sustainability in our supply chain and prefer environmentally friendly materials and business partners. This helps us manage all our business processes sustainably.


Employee Awareness: We organize regular trainings to raise awareness of our employees on sustainability. This helps each employee contribute to our sustainability mission.


Social Responsibility Projects: As Trowas digital business cards, we participate in environmentally friendly projects and donations to fulfill our responsibility to society. These projects contribute to making our environment a greener and more livable place.


Digital Communication: We prefer to reach our customers and business partners through digital communication. In this way, we adopt environmentally friendly communication methods while preventing paper waste.


Sustainability has become a fundamental principle of our business and will continue to be a source of inspiration for a greener world in the future. What steps are you taking for sustainability in your workplace? Share your ideas and we can be inspired to build a more sustainable world together.


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