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Switch to Digital Business Cards and Black Friday Discounts: Don't Miss the Opportunities!


Switch to Digital Business Cards and Black Friday Discounts: Don't Miss the Opportunities!

Today, when technology is advancing rapidly, the business world is also keeping pace with this change. Traditional business cards are now being replaced by digital business cards and Trowas with digital transformation. Now is the time not to miss this change! Moreover, Black Friday, the single biggest sale of the year, is approaching and we have prepared great discounts for you. Now is the time to accelerate your transition to the digital business card world!



What is a Digital Business Card?


A digital business card is a digital version of a traditional business card. Containing information such as your name, title, full contact details and even your social media accounts, these digital cards are the perfect tool to facilitate your business relationships and expand your network. With NFC technology and QR code technology, they are also environmentally friendly and offer unlimited sharing.



Why Switch to Digital Business Cards?


Environmentally Friendly: Be more respectful to nature by reducing paper consumption.


Fast and Easy Sharing: You can share your digital business cards instantly and speed up communication with your potential business contacts.


Updatable: Whenever there is a change in your information, you can update your business card and deliver it to all your contacts instantly.


More Effective than Traditional Business Cards: Digital business cards can include elements such as animations, interactive elements and graphics, making them more memorable.



Advantages of Switching to Digital Business Cards with Black Friday Discounts


Black Friday is one of the most attractive shopping days and we have taken advantage of this opportunity for you. Do not postpone our digital transformation Do not postpone your digital business card transition now and take advantage of advantageous discounts. You can quickly keep up with the digital transformation of your business without straining your budget.



Fast Delivery:


With our Black Friday special discounts, your digital business cards reach you much faster. Don't miss the advantages before it's too late.


Digital Business Card Migration and Black Friday Discounts are the perfect opportunity to prepare to take an important step in the business world. Ditch the traditional paper business cards of the past and strengthen your business relationships by switching to eco-friendly and effective digital business cards. Don't miss our Black Friday discounts, step into the digital world now!


Remember, with Trowas, the business cards of the future are digital and the opportunities are now!


Touch, share, connect; Trowas!







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