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The #1 Digital Business Card Platform for brands, organizations, SMEs, teams and businesses


The #1 Digital Business Card Platform for brands, organizations, SMEs, teams and businesses

In today's business world, digitalization has completely changed communication and networking processes. Businesses are now going beyond the boundaries of traditional business cards and promoting themselves more effectively and sustainably in the digital world. At this point, it is worth examining the opportunities that a pioneering platform like Trowas offers to the business world.



What is Trowas?


Trowas is a platform that makes it easy for brands, organizations, SMEs, teams and businesses to create, share and manage digital business cards. By digitizing the information carried by traditional business cards, it offers a more accessible and eco-friendly approach to business. Trowas allows you to easily create and update your digital business cards, so you always have an up-to-date and effective communication tool.


The business world is now moving beyond traditional business cards. With Trowas digital business cards you can make a unique first impression at business meetings, trade shows and events.



Why Use Trowas?


Professionalism: Trowas helps your business present a professional image. Digital business cards allow you to create a modern business identity.

Environmentally Friendly: Traditional business cards can waste paper. With Trowas, you contribute to the environment by offering a paperless solution.

Easy Sharing: You can easily share your digital business cards via email, text message or social media. So you can communicate faster with your business contacts.

Updateability: As your contact information or business details change, you can quickly update your digital business cards.

Traceability: Trowas allows you to track your digital business cards. You can track who viewed your business card and how long they viewed it.


We are here to help you create, share and manage your digital business cards in a powerful and effective way. Our platform combines professionalism and modernity, giving you a significant advantage in the business world. Easily create and share your digital identity and strengthen your business connections. Be a part of this revolution and strengthen the digital presence of your business!


Trowas offers the perfect solution for anyone who wants to step into digitalization in the business world. With Trowas, you can strengthen your business's digital presence and stand out from your competitors by offering a more effective and modern communication tool that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional business cards. Try Trowas today to learn more and sign up!


It's time to communicate more effectively and eco-friendly in the business world with digital business cards. Trowas is leading this change. Be part of this revolution and elevate your business in the digital world.


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