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The Importance of Digital Business Cards for Sales Representatives


The Importance of Digital Business Cards for Sales Representatives

The Importance of Digital Business Cards for Sales Representatives


With the help of Trowas digital business card, NFC feature and QR code, sales managers can enlarge their business and work networks, increase sales significantly and enlarge their environment.



As sales professionals it can be difficult to stand out from your competitors, you want to make a positive first impression on people you meet and be remembered in subsequent conversations. We developed Trowas Digital business cards for sales managers to transition from outdated, easily torn and lost standard paper business cards to smart digital business cards.





Sales professionals plan by meeting targets and securing future business for potential sales. Every instrument that will enable you to increase your sales figures is an item worth focusing on. The truth is that in today's digital age, paper cards will no longer be enough to make a new connection. You need to use digital, technological, ecological, sustainable and up-to-date instruments. When was the last time you saved a paper card on your phone, we know it was difficult and tedious.



One of the main problems with a one-way exchange of information is that you wait for a potential customer to contact you. It's a big problem if you don't remember them when they contact you. This is not an effective method for achieving success in selling.



Trowas allows you to exchange information two-way with a digital NFC business card. When your picture, logo, company information, social media links, name and information are registered in the digital profile, there is a much smoother and more memorable communication.



To create a potential customer, simply touch the Trowas digital business card of the person you meet to the customer's phone. Here's what came out; permanent knowledge transfer and memorability. Potential customers enter and save all their data. If you wish, you will immediately receive an E-MAIL containing the information of the potential customer and you can also access the customer's data in your Trowas profile. A potential customer can click a link in the email to instantly add an entry with your information to their phone's contact area.



Trowas digital business card represents an important technological and ecological improvement over traditional paper business cards. Transferring your information with Trowas and using a digital business card is much more effective in transferring information.



In addition, the Trowas digital business card enables two-way information exchange that traditional paper business cards cannot. Do not stay in the past, prepare for the future with Trowas, make a difference by using up-to-date technology, and add value to your business by getting ahead of your competitors.



Click here to learn more about Trowas digital. www.trowas.com



Discover how digital business cards can help improve your corporate relationships.


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