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The New Year's Gift: New Year Discounted Metal Digital Business Card!


The New Year's Gift: New Year Discounted Metal Digital Business Card!

The New Year has arrived, Discounts Start at TROWAS! A new year means new beginnings, and at TROWAS, we are getting ready to share the excitement of the new year with you through a special discount! Gift your business associates, employees, partners, and customers the key to the digital world with a stylish and impressive digital business card as a fantastic New Year's gift! This special discount on metal digital business cards awaits everyone who wants to add a modern and stylish touch to the business world.



What are TROWAS Metal Digital Business Cards?


Going beyond traditional business cards, TROWAS metal digital business cards take interaction and professionalism in the business world to the next level. Durable and stylish, these business cards are made from metal material, offering a unique experience by combining digital technology. Integrated with QR codes and NFC technology, these cards provide a new way to quickly and impressively share important information about yourself and your business.



Why TROWAS Metal Digital Business Cards?


  1. Durability: Metal material ensures the longevity of your business cards, while quality printing technology provides an aesthetic look.
  2. Meeting Technology: Through QR codes and NFC integration, your business cards interact with the digital world, allowing you to share more information quickly.
  3. Impressive and Stylish Design: TROWAS's professional design team crafts your business cards in a unique and impressive way, adding value to your brand image.



Don't Miss Opportunities in the New Year!


Don't miss out on the special discounts on TROWAS Metal Digital Business Cards to bring the New Year's joy to your business! By taking advantage of these discount opportunities, you can step into the digital transformation of the business world while creating a professional and impressive image.



Discount Details:


  • Metal digital business cards: 990 TL instead of 1,590 TL.
  • Validity Date: Until the last day of December 31, 2023.



Don't miss the opportunity to get to know TROWAS's Metal Digital Business Cards better and contribute to the business world with this special discount. Take a step with TROWAS for new successes and impressive business connections in the New Year!

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