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The Role of Digital Business Cards in Sales and Marketing


The Role of Digital Business Cards in Sales and Marketing

The Role of Digital Business Cards in Sales and Marketing


Especially if you are in an industry supported by a face-to-face network. Every sales and marketing manager needs to know about digital business cards in order to take good marketing action in today's digital world.



As a sales manager, if you have a mission to lead your team to success, you need to empower your team with the right instruments and tools. Digital business cards are the right tool for sales, marketing and dating activities in today's world. The best choice for this is TROWAS digital business cards.



We have listed the main highlights of why Sales and Marketing managers enjoy using TROWAS digital business cards;



  • More organized, more effective and more impressive sales experience
  • Provide instant communication transfer and exchange
  • Ability to transfer all your information easily
  • You have a stronger image
  • You transfer your information permanently
  • You leave a lasting impression
  • You prioritize environmental friendliness and sustainability.
  • Provides real-time updates




What is a digital business card?




The digital business card is an impressive network tool thanks to its innovative NFC technology.



Your digital business card URL can be shared like any other URL, or people you meet can scan your QR code, create a link on their phone with an NFC chip.



TROWAS Digital business cards not only make the process of sharing contact information fast and smooth for marketing and sales managers, but also strengthen your marketing steps by minimizing all time-consuming activities such as manually entering contact information from paper business cards and sending automatic follow-ups.



With the TROWAS digital business card, Sales managers will develop strategies to help their teams achieve their sales goals by identifying new business opportunities or creating sales campaigns.



With the TROWAS digital business card, Sales managers will manage and guide their sales staff, helping them develop the knowledge and skills they need to be successful.



Digital business cards for sales managers



More networks, more customers, better sell!



When you exchange digital business cards with members of your marketing or sales team, a potential customer, investor, buyer, business partner, or entrepreneur, you can automatically save their contact information in your CRM. This is a huge time saver and allows you to keep track of all your potential customers in one place.



Instant communication exchange



Instantly sharing your contact information with a tap is essential for sales and marketing professionals. You should be able to act quickly in face-to-face meetings and sales, make it easy for people to connect with you both online and face-to-face, and be memorable.



The best digital business card for sales and marketing managers, TROWAS digital business card!


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