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The Story of the Bamboo Card


The Story of the Bamboo Card

Considering that speed is what the new world needs most, we can say that TROWAS Digital Business Card is the most important development that corresponds to this need. Now, the brands that progressed slowly and confidently years ago are being replaced by brands that are growing rapidly and confidently. In a period when speed is so effective, keeping the efficiency quite high and achieving this without harming the nature is a process that requires effort. This development is actually the kind that will fully describe the development of the bamboo tree!


Have you ever heard that a bamboo tree seed is planted and sprouts after being watered for 5 years and grows meters in 6 weeks? It gives the yield of seeds fed for a long time after years. The story of the arrival of bamboo is very valuable in this sense. It symbolizes effort, care and patience. When we look at the business world from the angle of the world, we can match the period we live in with the process of bamboo tree grows. As a brand that listens to the needs of people in the business world, TROWAS Concept also emphasizes that it highlights an eco-friendly and fast technology by adding the bamboo option to one of its card materials.



It is heard from the users of the bamboo card that it is both very natural and interesting in appearance. While providing this natural appearance, the reason why bamboo is preferred; on the one hand, its growth story, and on the other hand, it is the material that is the easiest to recycle to nature. Do not miss the TROWAS Digital Business Card experience, which is the choice of brands that want to emphasize their environmentalism and innovative stance in the business world!


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