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TROWAS Documented its Data Protection and Information Security System with ISO 27001:2013 certificate.


TROWAS Documented its Data Protection and Information Security System with ISO 27001:2013 certificate.

TROWAS Documented its Data Protection and Information Security System with ISO 27001:2013 certificate.


TROWAS, with the importance it attaches to digital business card data security, has successfully passed the audits by meeting the ISO 27001 system requirements in a very short time, following the consultancy work it started last October, and was entitled to receive the ISO 27001 Information Security System Management certificate.



Offering digital business cards and digital catalog solutions with the slogan "Both Ecological and Technological", SMARTOVER AŞ brand TROWAS has successfully completed the "ISO 27001:2013 Information Security and Management System" (ISO) certification process, which it started with the aim of securing the "confidentiality, integrity and usability" of information.



Within the scope of the certification process, the ISMS unit formed by department representatives within the company was established. Within the scope of the studies carried out under the leadership of this unit, trainings were organized to develop technical and managerial competencies in order to increase information security awareness, and many configurations and arrangements were implemented in the R&D development offices.



Since 2018, we have been a strong and reliable business partner of many local and global brands with our 20 dedicated software team at Uludağ University ULUTEK Technopark. For us, a good software should have flawless analysis, well-defined requirements, high code quality; It must be scalable, usable and particularly reliable.



The security of our customer data is always our top priority! In order to guarantee this high level of data protection and information security, we have taken comprehensive organizational and technical measures. All our measures and processes are constantly reviewed and adapted to technical progress.




Data Privacy Is Very Important To Us!




Our customers trust Trowas with their data, and the Trowas team takes this responsibility seriously. Security and compliance are top priorities for Trowas. These are essential elements for our customers' trust in our service. Trowas is committed to sustainably securing customer data, eliminating system vulnerability and ensuring the continuity of our service. Trowas uses the highest standard, technologies and best practices to protect your data against unauthorized access, disclosure, use and loss.




Our ISO 27001 Information Security Management Quality Certificate




As TROWAS, we always attach importance to protecting the accuracy and integrity of sensitive information; We are proud of obtaining ISO 27001 Information Security Management quality certificate.



ISO 27001 Information Security Management System is a globally accepted standard that helps organizations and their customers keep and manage their information assets. We realize the assets and values belonging to all our related parties, especially our customers; We determine the methods for the protection of corporate and customer property and ensure their implementation.


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