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TROWAS with 3R Effect!


TROWAS with 3R Effect!

As TROWAS Concept team, ‘To what extent is it possible to create a sustainable world?’ We wanted to develop a strong answer to the question. TROWAS Digital Business Card exists to create awareness to the society that tons of paper is wasted unnecessarily. While creating this awareness, we based our idea on the 3R rule. 3R is a concept that many of us are now familiar with. If we are to explain the 3R rule: 3R is a concept formed with the initials of the words Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It takes great effort and dedication to fully implement this concept, which describes the building blocks of a sustainable world. In order to contribute to its applicability by the society , we considered all of the concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle during the design phase of our digital initiative. Addressing all of the 3Rs was an important focus for us when designing our product in line with our environmentally friendly enterprise goal.


From TROWAS Digital Business Card Perspective




3R Rule




Reduce – With your TROWAS digital business card, you reduce the use of paper to zero when transferring your information. Remember, you save 17 trees by recovering 1 ton of paper.



Reuse – When sharing your paper business cards, you used at least one paper business card for each person. Now, thanks to the TROWAS digital business card, you can use a digital business card made of recyclable plastic for every person you want to share it with. When using TROWAS digital business cards, you are following 3R’s ‘reuse’ principle.



Recycle – We carefully selected the materials we will use in the production process of TROWAS digital business cards. Made of durable and waterproof premium recyclable plastic, our cards are available in black, gold and white colours. In addition, we also have a Bamboo wooden card option, which we produce from bamboo, which is the most easily recycled material in the wood industry. TROWAS digital business card will never let you down with its durability and flexibility, while being environmentally friendly!


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