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Turns People You Meet into Real Customers


Turns People You Meet into Real Customers

Digital business cards have become an important need of the entire business world these days. There are many reasons for this; They're fast, convenient, and much better for the environment! If you've heard all about digital business cards but still find yourself Google "what is a digital business card?" or “how do digital business cards work?” If you're looking for something like this, you've come to the right place, because Trowas has all your answers.


With our Trowas Digital business card and digital catalog products, we help Professionals, business people, marketers to network better with time-saving and environmentally friendly technology.




What is a Digital Business Card?




A digital business card is not just a technological version of a physical paper business card. They are much more and they are flexible, allow instant information updates and can keep all kinds of information about you and your company together with your contact information. So if you're looking for a way to truly stand out in your business and surroundings and leave a lasting impression on the people you meet, Trowas digital business cards are for you!




How Digital Business Cards Work




Trowas digital business card is supported by Near Field Communication (NFC) and QR code technologies. NFC is an innovative technology that makes it possible for smartphones to securely communicate with other nearby devices. To share your digital card with someone, all you have to do is touch your digital business card to the back of the person's phone.



Sharing your digital card is hassle-free and you can run it on any mobile device without the need to install an app. You can also send a link to your digital business card using a QR code or via a link sent via text, email or any messaging app.








Digital business cards are environmentally friendly because they do not waste thousands of paper business cards and are electronic files only. Paper waste is a serious problem as it makes up 25% of landfill waste and 33% of business waste. Now you can help do your part in protecting the environment by switching to digital business cards.



Sustainability and reducing your carbon footprint are among the most important environmental actions today, using a digital business card is a great way to do this while continuing to share and exchange information on the go.




Turns Potential Customers into Real Customers Efficiently




Whether you're at an event, at work or on the go, you can view and share your digital card with anyone, as long as your smartphone is at hand. This makes it easy to capture leads and track what happens with them throughout the sales process.



Digital business cards are the present and indispensable future of networking and information exchange. Not only are they more convenient and eco-friendly than paper business cards, they also efficiently turn customers into real customers.



If you are looking for a digital business card that is easy to use, comes with an award-winning original design, stylish print and box, and has been developed with all your information security in mind, you need not look any further than Trowas digital business card!



We have a wide range of products and offer customization options designed to suit all your business needs and ensure that your digital business card best represents you, your company and your brand!


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