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The digital business card is an innovational connection and meeting experience with NFC Technology.

Businessmen from the past to the present print business cards when they start a new business or start a new business. Worldwide, 27 million paper business cards are printed every day. Environmental studies show that 88% of printed business cards are thrown away in less than a week. This causes a huge waste of paper.

The TROWAS digital business card is the eco-friendly way to connect with business people you meet and make a great first impression. With NFC and QR technology, it allows you to share your business card information in a contactless and memorable way.

We have developed both ecological and technological Trowas digital business cards to change the way people use disposable paper business cards and the way they interact in the business world. With a digital business card with NFC Technology, you can instantly transfer your information to the people you meet, and make it easier for them to save your information quickly and permanently while protecting the environment.

Inside every digital business card is an NFC NTAG chip that sends your information contactless to a phone. When you tap the card on an NFC Compatible phone, a personal profile link opens with all your information automatically pre-filled. It is enough for the owner of the phone that opened the link to press the "save" button in the profile and transfer all the information to his contacts.

TROWS Digital Business Card is compatible with all iPhone and Android phones. A QR code is also included with each digital business card to ensure compatibility with older smartphone devices that do not have NFC compatibility. For old model phones, it will be enough to scan the QR code with the camera open.

One digital card instead of thousands of paper business cards! The only business card you need is TROWAS!

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