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What is Digital Catalogue and E-Catalogue? What are the Benefits of Using a Digital Catalogue?


What is Digital Catalogue and E-Catalogue? What are the Benefits of Using a Digital Catalogue?

Why digital catalogue? What does digital catalog mean? Because an e-Catalogue, digital catalog or online catalog is the cornerstone of successful companies' marketing, promotion, product sales and growth strategies.


Today e-Catalogues, as digital catalogues become more and more popular, printed paper catalogs are becoming less and less preferred.



Digital catalogs are very useful, they allow you to share your brand, your business products, services, all your content online with your customers in a few seconds.



Digitizing your print catalogs provides a whole new dimension of convenience for your company, your customers and potential customers by allowing them to easily access your catalog online and browse your product offerings.



In addition, by presenting digital channels such as your social media and YouTube movies interactively within the digital catalogue, it can provide much more benefits that print catalogs and campaigns cannot provide.



With that in mind, we've put together the key reasons why having a Trowas digital catalog, i.e. e-Catalogue, for your business is a huge advantage over your competitors.




The Main Benefits of Using a Digital Catalog Are:




• Convenience and accessibility
• Easily shareable online
• Easy to update
• They reduce administrative, printing and distribution costs
• An innovative level of professionalism for your company
• You can collect important customer data
• Catalogs are easily scalable
• They provide an advantage over their competitors





What are the Benefits of Trowas Digital Catalog?






Convenience and Accessibility

Whatever some say, your customers always want convenience. After all, we all want an easier and simpler life, right?

Trowas Digital Catalog acts as a reference for your business and allows your current and potential customers to see your products and services wherever they are, as long as they have internet and mobile access.

Making it easy for your customers to buy from you can prevent them from looking at other suppliers.

Therefore, using a digital catalog with online real-time information for your customers will keep them coming back to your brand for more.





Can Be Easily Shared Online

Say goodbye to sharing your old traditional printed catalogues. In the age of technology and information, tactics such as word of mouth and customer recommendations are not enough.

With a digital Trowas Catalog you can share your latest catalog online with your customers in seconds. Digital and fast shareability is a great thing that all businesses enjoy.

You can easily share your catalog with NFC technology and QR technology using a simple link and people can click and be directed directly to your online catalogue. Simple, right?





Very Easy to Update

If your business still uses a physical paper printed catalogue, I'm sure you know that going this way can be costly and not very convenient.

Even a small change can be a big problem when a price needs to be updated, or when a new color, text, photo, design or new product is available.

Whatever the reason, you will normally need to reprint or notify your customers personally about the updates via phone or email.

With the Trowas Digital catalog, updating product information, images, prices or anything else you need to change is simple, easy, fast and most importantly in real time.

You don't need to wait until the next printing press to update your catalog.

You can easily make updates online and your digital catalog will be updated instantly!





They reduce administrative, printing and distribution costs

It is a known fact that printing catalogs can involve enormous costs. In addition, all these product catalogs are reflected in shipping charges and transportation costs. On top of that, your executive team needs to spend time organizing and making sure everything is perfect before it goes to press.

Using a digital catalog trowas e-Catalog will help you eliminate time and cost loss. After receiving the online Trowas digital catalog, all you need to do is to offer your customers a different digital experience with NFC and QR technology.

Even better, it allows visitors to visit your social media and website thanks to the digital catalog.

A digital catalog will not only save you a lot of money, but it will also save you time because now you can make updates in minutes or even seconds and instantly notify your customers of the new update.

With the digital catalog, you reduce your costs and win in every way.





An Innovative Level of Professionalism for Your Company

When you have a sales team that uses Trowas digital catalogs with customers, you create a dynamic, innovative, memorable and professional impression on your customers.

It shows that you are a well-organized business that is interested in having the most up-to-date data available to your customers. This will instill trust from your customers to your company, your brand, and build a strong relationship with your customers.

Your e-Commerce integrates with your products, This benefit is linked to the convenience advantage we mentioned earlier.

Integrating your Trowas Digital catalog with your merchandising platform and e-commerce solution provides a whole new level of professionalism and convenience for your customers and prospects.

Your online store will be the key to your business in the digital world with the Trowas digital catalogue, helping your business generate more sales with very little effort.





You can collect important customer data

Ask yourself the following question. How easy is it for you to gather customer information about all your marketing materials and efforts?

If I were to answer this question before the Trowas digital catalogue, I would say it is very, very difficult.

It is very important to be able to collect accurate customer data in the online area or in the sales area. Now all your catalog data can be tracked and customer data collected.

Remarketing to customers with a digital catalog can be very powerful in helping them make a purchase decision or simply return to the product page.

Online data analysis tools like Google Analytics can help you do all this and much more for free, as long as you have an eCatalog. Such tools allow you to see how much time each user spends viewing each product page, how they interact with your content, which sections grab their attention, how many users in total visit your catalog, and much more.





Catalogs are easily scalable

The digital catalog allows you to increase the size of your online catalog as your business grows and your catalog expands without having to worry about costs and maintenance.

Updating your catalog is fast, easy, and cost-effective, with only a small amount of digital support work. This much! Adding a refresh to the digital catalog is free. And you don't have to divide your catalog into smaller parts as you normally do with print catalogs.

You can now divide your catalog into categories and subcategories so that your customers can search for your products much more easily.

No matter how big your business grows, it will be much easier to scale with the Trowas digital business card. Digital catalogs are great when it comes to finding products fast.

Your customers can access the online catalog from anywhere, anytime, on any device, and search for the products they need.





They provide an advantage over their competitors

So far, we've listed a number of great benefits with the Trowas digital catalog for you here. However, we cherry-picked this one for a reason.

All the benefits we have listed contribute equally to a common goal. To ensure your business gets ahead of your competitors that might be missing in the comparison.

Trowas Digital Catalogs give your business a direct advantage over your competitors who are not yet digitized.

A digital catalog opens your business to a much wider audience and a chance to attract new customers online. You can implement some great online marketing strategies to add more value to your business and eventually outrun your competitors.






It is now true that Digital Catalogs are in many ways the best alternative to old-fashioned physical printed catalogues.

Digital transformation is now accelerating in every field and industry, and digital catalogs are here to help businesses reduce costs, streamline their business processes, increase sales and much more using new technology.

No matter how you look at it, digital catalogs are for the better and are memorable. Now is the time to adapt to how consumers and B2B businesses want to buy products online.

If you are looking for a solution, why not take a look at Trowas Digital Catalog solutions?

If you're interested, book a demo at your convenience and see how our eCatalog solution can help your business start selling smarter online.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us; One of our experts will be happy to assist you.









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