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What is Near Field Communication (NFC) and Where Is It Used?


What is Near Field Communication (NFC) and Where Is It Used?

What is Near Field Communication (NFC) and Where Is It Used?


Have you ever heard of the abbreviation NFC? Are you wondering what it is? NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is a proximity-based wireless communication technology that is limited to a short range. Therefore, NFC technology requires devices to be within a certain distance of each other for it to work. NFC technology makes life easier for users, allowing them to make secure transactions and connect electronic devices with a touch. At the same time, the greatest convenience is that it enables digital information exchange.




How does Near Field Communication Technology work?




NFC technology is an innovative technology. It is a new generation interpretation of long-existing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Radio Frequency Identification technology and NFC Near Field Communication technologies use the principle of inductive connection for short range needs.



An NFC reader device will generate a magnetic field when an electric current passes through a coil. When you bring the NFC Tag near the reader, the magnetic field creates an electric current inside the tag. There is no need for any wires or physical contact. At the moment of interaction, the data on the tag is transmitted to the NFC reader wirelessly contactless. The technology works at close range and NFC tags do not need any internal power as they are powered by other devices such as smartphones.




Where is NFC Technology Used?




NFC technology may look similar to Bluetooth technology. However, it does not require manual device search or synchronization as with Bluetooth technology. All mobile wallets on mobile phones use NFC technology. New generation cards such as contactless POS payment solutions, key entry & door access cards, NFC-enabled credit cards and TROWAS NFC digital business cards use NFC technology. The technology is very fast when connecting wireless devices as well as transferring data.




NFC Technology and Advantages




NFC technology has gained great popularity, especially during the Pandemic and after. Near Field Communication (NFC) gained momentum with the acceleration of digital transformation and the use of contactless technology becoming a necessity. Contactless POS payments have been on the rise during the pandemic process, and this technology has now become one of the most widely used payment methods. The number of NFC-enabled devices has increased significantly in all areas, and NFC technology is now used in many areas of our lives.




What is NFC Business Card?




Business cards, from traditional printed paper business cards to state-of-the-art electronic NFC business cards, have shaped how business people meet other business people, and now NFC business card is the most useful and popular solution. If you are new to NFC business cards and wondering what an NFC business card is, order 1 piece now from the link https://www.trowas.com/tr/urunler



Inside an NFC business card is an NFC chip inserted to transmit your information to the mobile device. The chip has sufficient memory size. You can easily update the information even after you distribute your business information to the business people you meet.




How to use NFC Business Card?




NFC business cards use contactless technology to communicate with a device at close range. The steps below show how to use an NFC business card to share information.



Step 1: Take the NFC business card and bring it closer to the coverage area of the NFC compatible phone (This is usually close to the camera of the phone in iOS devices, but in the middle of the phone in other android devices.)



Step 2: When the NFC business card is detected, the link will be displayed on the smartphone screen. In this case, the information stored in the NFC business card will be automatically transferred to your smartphone's contacts, together with the fold button.



NFC technology revolutionized the business world with digital business cards and the world of contactless payment with NFC credit cards. Technology offers useful and versatile solutions.



Do you still have the paper business cards? The only business card you need is the TROWAS digital business card. Order 1 now.



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