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What is NFC Business Card?


What is NFC Business Card?

What is NFC Business Card?


The word NFC is actually an abbreviation for Near Field Communication. NFC is a wireless digital technology that uses radio frequency to communicate with smart devices at a distance of 4 cm or less. NFC business cards are an important part of digital transformation in today's business world, replacing traditional paper business cards, and are innovative high-tech versions. NFC business cards take advantage of this NFC (near field communication technology) to make it easy for people to exchange contact information and connect with each other quickly.



NFC business cards are digital business cards that communicate with nearby smartphone. NFC business cards look like traditional business cards but contain a built-in NFC chip that can be read by NFC-enabled devices. When you bring your NFC business card close to an NFC-enabled device, it is used to direct customers to your business information such as your preferred website page, contact information, social media information. This makes it easy to exchange contact information without having to type everything manually as with traditional paper business cards.



If you're looking for a way to make your business card stand out, the NFC business card is a great option. NFC business cards are still fairly new, so they are sure to grab people's attention. In addition, NFC business cards are a great way to show that you are at the cutting edge of technology and have a passion for technology.




How to use NFC Business Card?




NFC business cards use wireless technology to communicate with a device at close range. The steps below show how to use an NFC card to transfer contacts.



Step 1. Take the NFC business card and place it within range of the NFC compatible phone. You can place it under the smartphone.



Step 2. When the NFC card is detected, the programmed action will be displayed on the smartphone. In this case, the contacts stored on the NFC card will be automatically transferred to your smartphone.




Benefits of NFC Business Cards




NFC-enabled digital business cards offer many advantages over traditional paper business cards.



First, they are more versatile; you can use them to drive not only your contact information, but also links to your website, social media profiles, and more.



Another advantage of NFC business cards is that they are more interactive.



You can use them to do certain actions on a smartphone, such as navigating to your address, opening a map, or adding a contact to your address book. This makes it very easy for people to quickly and memorablely connect with you and learn more about your business.



NFC business cards are more environmentally friendly than traditional paper business cards as they can be used multiple times.



Also, you don't need to print new paper business cards every time you change your contact information; You can update the NFC business card at any time as needed.


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