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What is NFC Technology?


What is NFC Technology?

With technological advancement, transfering information becomes more important than ever. For example, a person representing his company or business. It's an old-fashioned tradition to give your details to potential customers via a paper business card. In addition, even if you choose this way, you will encounter some setbacks.
First, the paper card does not give the customer enough information about you or the company you represent. Second, if your card is misprinted, it not only looks unprofessional and is difficult to fix. Three, what do you do if you run out of business cards when an interested customer requests a business card?
This is where NFC business cards come in handy. These digital business cards eliminate the need for paper and are easy to remove for quick scanning and action. Also, you won't have to worry too much about printing mistakes on your card.



What Does NFC Mean?




NFC stands for “near field communication”. It is a type of technology that allows individuals to wirelessly communicate information with each other over a short distance. It is often used to securely access buildings or board a bus or train, which requires a built-in chip card. You'll also see other NFC-embedded devices like keychains, bracelets, and smartwatches.




How does it work?




As we mentioned, an NFC card has a chip embedded inside it. This can direct mobile devices to your profile over the internet. For example, to share your job profile with a potential client (or employer if you're looking for a job), all you have to do is pull out your digital business card and have the other person scan it with their mobile device. The person's device receives a link that takes them to your profile. From there, they can see your contact information, videos, links to other websites or social media accounts, and more.


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