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What is NFC technology? Everything you need to know about NFC.


What is NFC technology? Everything you need to know about NFC.

What is NFC technology? Everything you need to know about NFC.


The popularity and importance of mobile smart devices has increased rapidly in recent years. The more powerful mobile smart devices are, the more we can use them to communicate with our environment. A seamless user experience for connected living requires efficient solutions to communicate and interact with data. NFC stands for Near-Field Communication.



Near field communication (NFC) is one of the elements that allows devices to connect with each other to exchange data. The most important benefit of NFC technology is that it provides fast data transfer. Thanks to NFC technology, you can instantly share your phone number, e-mail and contact information, catalog etc. and location information with the people you are in contact with.




How NFC Tags Work What Does NFC Technology Do?




Near field communication technology NFC allows two smart devices to communicate wirelessly. NFC tags work like RFID tags to communicate over radio waves. The two devices NFC tag and NFC reader exchange NFC data information.



An NFC tag sends radio waves to activate the antenna on a receiving device. The receiving device verifies this information to complete the information exchange.



The technology works at a short distance. NFC tags work without the need for batteries and energy and are powered by another device such as a mobile smartphone.



An NFC reader can connect to only one NFC tag at a time, minimizing accidental transactions.




Advantages of Using NFC Technology




Provides Instant Connection



When NFC-enabled devices are brought close together, they instantly connect to exchange data. This feature of NFC chips makes the technology usable for digital business card communication, payments, identification, access control, ticketing or any other application that requires near field data exchange.



Wireless Exchange



NFC Technology is now a frequently encountered feature in mid-upper segment smartphones. All modern new smartphones today have NFC reader modules that connect wirelessly and without an external power supply. NFC technology chips are passive devices powered by a device currently reading them.



Safe Technology



With NFC technology, data exchange takes place only between nearby devices. Limited close connection to one device also protects the transaction from being stolen remotely by an online data hacker.



NFC technology connections are regulated by standard protocols such as ISO/IEC 14443 A, ISO/IEC 14443 B and JIS X6319-4. ECMA International, ETSI and other authorities ensure NFC is secure and accessible globally.



No Network Connection Needed



NFC technology tags can work without WiFi, 4G, 5G or LTE connectivity. This means that users can transfer data and use NFC-enabled services even without an internet connection.



Convenient And Affordable Technology



NFC technology tags are an easy-to-use and cost-effective technology that can assist digital transformation. Bill sharing significantly benefits the digital business card, contactless payments, access control and digital experience of customer and employee in their daily activities.



Reduced Carbon Footprint



NFC technology is an environmentally friendly solution that can minimize the carbon footprint of any business. Corporate companies that adopt digital transformation can digitize their processes with recyclable NFC tags by reducing waste such as the use of paper and plastic in their processes.




NFC near field communication is a useful technology that is becoming more common every day. By following this technology, you can make your life much easier and benefit from unique features such as using Trowas digital business cards.



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