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Which Is the Best Option for Business Card Usage?


Which Is the Best Option for Business Card Usage?

Which Is the Best Option for Business Card Usage?


Business cards mediate people to meet, introduce and communicate. However, the rapid development of technology in our lives is changing the way it is used by digitizing business cards. Business People are leveraging faster and paperless NFC digital business cards to share information and information with people they meet. This begs the question of whether traditional paper business cards are still relevant in the modern world. In this content, he provides a clear guide on whether traditional business cards are still valid and Which is the Best Option for Using Business Cards.




What is a business card?




Paper-printed business cards are traditionally designed and printed in a printing house, containing personal information such as name, surname, contacts, addresses, and title. These cards have been developed to enable people to communicate their communication needs at the time of meeting, exchange information, network by changing business cards. However, these paper business cards contain inherent flaws and lose their validity with the introduction of newer and better technologies, "NFC digital business cards", into our lives with the pandemic period and the acceleration of digitalization.




History and Evolution of Paper Business Cards




Paper Business Cards have been used all over the world for a long time to share detailed information about a person or company. You can trace the history of Paper Business Cards back to 15th century China, where merchants used them to share information about their goods and services. With the rise of digital technologies, many people now use NFC-enabled, QR-coded digital business cards. With the rise of digital alternatives, more and more people prefer digital NFC digital business cards, and traditional printed business cards are on the decline.




Why are people switching to Digital business cards?




While classic Paper Business Cards are solving the problem, their digital equivalents with NFC and QR are preferred today for many reasons. Some of the reasons for choosing a digital business card are:



“Flexibility” NFC Digital business cards are much more flexible than paper or other printed business cards. With a digital business card, you can edit and update the contents online without the need to send the cards to print again.



“Ease of Sharing” Digital business cards for sharing and saving a business card's information provide a seamless platform to instantly share contact information with anyone, anywhere.



“Environmentally friendly” With a digital business card, you don't have to print paper and cut down trees, harming the environment. All your contact information is stored in the cloud on a digital, paperless business card. Therefore, you do not throw away the papers when the information of the card is changed, and you do not waste raw materials when printing business cards. Simply put, NFC digital business cards from TROWAS are environmentally friendly.




Who Should Use a Digital Business Card?




Digital business cards offer a more affordable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper business cards for business owners, co-founders, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners and salespeople. TROWAS is a digital business card platform that makes it easy to share information with innovative NFC digital business cards for next generation smart networking.




NFC Cards




NFC cards, these cards have revolutionized the way people communicate and exchange information and meet each other. “NFC” stands for Near Field Communication. This technology allows two electronic devices to communicate within an appropriate distance.



These cards can be used for a variety of applications, including marketing, mobile contactless payment, ticketing, gate technology, and advertising. TROWAS Digital business card is the best opportunity for your transition to NFC Business Card. NFC Business Card with TROWAS seamlessly converts contact information to digital.



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