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Why Digital Business Card?


Why Digital Business Card?

Businessmen from the past to the present print business cards when they start a new business or start a new business. What is the problem with using paper business cards? Why Digital business card?


  • You need to print business cards again every time your business card information changes. You get more cards than you need with each new print, increasing your costs.
  • Paper cards can get wet, dirty and are often thrown away by the people we give them to. Traditional paper business cards are outdated and harmful to the environment.
  • 27 million paper business cards are printed every day around the world. Environmental studies show that 88% of printed business cards are thrown away in less than a week. This causes a huge waste of paper.
  • You have to physically carry many cards with you on every visit or trip.
  • Even worse, people you meet have to manually save your contact information on their phones. And most people throw your card in the trash without doing that.


Why should we use digital business cards?

We developed the Trowas digital business card to change the way people use disposable paper business cards and the way they interact in the business world. To summarize the answers to the why digital business card question below;

With a digital business card with NFC Technology, you can instantly transfer your information to the people you meet, and make it easier for them to save your information quickly and permanently while protecting the environment.

It allows a person to use the same card many times and instantly update it whenever he wants.

Thus, it eliminates the dependency on disposable paper business cards.

Trowas digital business card allows you to quickly transfer your contact information, social information and much more to any smartphone without the need for any application.

You share your contact information in a memorable way and make a strong first impression.

As Trowas, we work with the awareness of reducing our negative impact on nature and "giving back", making an environmental and sustainable impact with digital business cards.

We create our products with smart technology and use sustainable and recyclable elements as much as possible.

Reduces Costs Companies that digitize all promotional materials can save up to 80% in annual costs.

Using only digital cards provides companies with significant cost savings.

Increases marketing and sales. Companies that make the use of digital business cards widespread in their marketing and sales teams contribute to their sales with digital business cards that allow rapid information transfer.

With our new generation business card technology, we transform personal information into meaningful data insights by tracking the trace left behind, and we can obtain data about the communications of our teams.

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