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Why do I need a digital business card?


Why do I need a digital business card?

Nowadays, the majority of business people judge a person or company by their first impression. Therefore, your first impression is important and this is where Trowas digital business cards come in.


With the rapid advancement of technology, the business world is also changing. Traditional business practices are being replaced by digital alternatives. One of these changes is the digitalization of business cards and the rise of digital business cards. So, why do we need digital business cards


Trowas digital business cards not only share your contact information, but also enable the other party to share their information with you instantly and seamlessly. This allows you to communicate quickly and effectively with your contacts.


Trowas digital business cards come with an extremely easy-to-use mobile app and dashboard. With this platform, you can instantly register new contacts, organize your information and keep it up-to-date. All these features help make your business relationships more efficient and professional.


Break the boundaries of traditional business cards and make a stronger first impression in the business world with digital business cards. Keep your contact information always up to date and make your business relationships more effective with Trowas digital business cards. Here is one more advantage of the digital age!


Environmentally Friendly and Sustainability

Traditional business cards are printed on paper and are often thrown away after a while. This leads to both waste of natural resources and environmental pollution. Digital business cards offer an environmentally friendly alternative by reducing paper usage. Saving on paper and printing costs also provides financial benefits for businesses.


Easy Sharing

Digital business cards eliminate the need to share any physical object. When you meet a person, you can quickly share your digital business card via email, text or QR code. This is a fast and effective method of communication. You can also easily update your business cards and provide instant updates to the people you share with.


Wide Communication Options

Digital business cards not only contain basic contact information, but can also include links to your website, social media profiles and other digital assets. This is a great opportunity to promote your business in a wider circle. It also gives you more control when building your personal brand.


Data Analytics Possibility

When you share your digital business cards, you can track how often they are viewed and who clicks on them. This data helps you better understand and improve your business marketing strategies.


Digital business cards are replacing traditional business cards and offer many advantages. They are eco-friendly, easy to share, offer a wide range of communication options, enable data analysis and are memorable. With the digitalization of the business world, the use of digital business cards is becoming an important necessity.


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