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Why does your company need NFC Digital business cards?


Why does your company need NFC Digital business cards?

Why does your company need NFC Digital business cards?


Business people and companies are investing in different technologies for digital transformation, establishing new business connections and networking. NFC business cards are the next generation way to build a new business network and keep up with digital transformation. Many companies are abandoning the old traditional use of paper business cards and switching to modern NFC business card technology. Companies that have new information on this subject are wondering whether they need a digital business card with NFC. NFC business cards have many advantages over traditional business cards. Below we have compiled information about why your company needs NFC business cards.3






NFC Business Card Saves Time




With NFC business cards, you do not need to write down or write down the information inside the business card. Just bring it close to NFC-enabled smartphones and the information is displayed on your device in the link that opens and you can easily register to the directory.




NFC Business Card Reduces Resource Waste




Traditional business cards are made by printing from papers and are therefore less durable. When they are damaged, wet, torn, etc. NFC business cards, on the other hand, are produced from durable plastic, metal and bamboo and appeal to business people more than regular paper business cards. Therefore, when you drop paper business cards, you avoid paper waste, switch to an environmentally friendly technology and conserve resources.




NFC Business Card Is Flexible




NFC business card has NTAG 213, NTAG215 or NTAG 216 microchips embedded inside. These microchips are programmed to store your information. NFC business cards can be updated and programmed as you wish. This means you can control and change anything you want, especially what business people you meet see. Therefore, you don't have to change business cards, reprint them or have new ones designed when your information changes.










The overall appearance of an NFC digital business card is very stylish and eye-catching. This ensures that potential customers or business people get a good impression of your company. First impression is very important. A catchy first impression is possible with Trowas digital business cards. Black pvc, bamboo, metal business cards, such quality cards are hard for potential customers to ignore.




NFC Business Card is Fast and Convenient




NFC business cards use contactless technology to establish a connection with the target device. When you bring the NFC business card close to the bottom of the NFC-enabled smartphone, the link is quickly reflected on the screen and your contacts can quickly save all your information in their contacts.




NFC Digital Business Card is Durable




NFC digital business cards are made of durable plastic, metal and bamboo. They last much longer than regular paper business cards. Therefore, it helps your company save money on the paper they use to print aged or damaged paper business cards.



NFC digital business cards are playing a crucial role in transforming the way business people exchange contact information and all other business information with companies and potential customers.



Are you ready to upgrade your company to both ecological and technological digital business card? Order a TROWAS Digital Business Card and instantly share your information with a tap.



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