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Why Should We Use TROWAS Digital Business Cards?


Why Should We Use TROWAS Digital Business Cards?

Impressive Connection Experience


TROWAS Digital Business Cards allow you to consolidate your contact, business, social information, and much more under one roof. You can transfer all the information on your smart business card by contactless NFC communication to any smartphone, or by scanning the QR code for phones without NFC capability.




A Stronger Image




TROWAS enables you to share your business card in a different way than usual, leaving a much more lasting and powerful first impression. Considering the possibility of meeting someone for business and receiving paper business cards from multiple people, standing out among those who exchange cards and reflecting your difference with TROWAS is now much easier!




Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable




At TROWAS, we work with the awareness of reducing our negative impact on nature and with the consciousness of "giving back", making a brand value impact with eco-friendly and sustainable digital business cards. We have embraced the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principle to create awareness against tons of paper waste.



Reduce: With digital cards, you eliminate paper usage to zero. Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 17 trees.



Reuse: When sharing paper business cards, at least one card is used per person. With TROWAS Digital Business Cards, one digital card can be used for everyone.



Recycle: By using cards made from recyclable materials like bamboo or biodegradable plastic, you follow the principle of 'recycling'.



Now, as a part of TROWAS, you can take the first step to protect nature!




Reduce Costs!




We have completely eliminated printing costs with the TROWAS digital transformation movement, instead of printed business cards that usually end up in the trash. By not having to get new business cards every time your information changes, you save time and money.



Companies that transition all their promotional materials to digital can achieve up to an 80% annual cost savings. The use of digital cards alone provides significant cost savings for companies.




Increase Sales!




Companies that promote the use of digital business cards in their marketing and sales teams contribute to their sales with digital business cards that allow them to quickly transfer and save information.




Performance and Data Management




With our next-generation digital business card technology, you not only transfer personal information but also track the traces left behind. Digital business cards now enable businesses to gain insights by providing measurable data on how and how much their networks are growing.




Update Anytime!




One of the most important advantages of using digital business cards is the freedom to update your information anytime you want. Any changes you make with a single click from your phone are updated uniformly in everyone you've shared your card with or given a copy of your card to. This eliminates issues like missed calls due to outdated phone numbers on old paper business cards.




Easy to Use!




Since the concept of digital business cards is still unfamiliar to many, there are concerns about its usage. Alongside its impressive experience, TROWAS stands out with its easy usage. Using TROWAS Digital Business Cards requires no mobile app; creating your profile and entering your information is very easy! Besides filling in the blank spaces on the page that opens when you scan your card with your smartphone and adding the links you want to the relevant sections, you don't need to do anything else. All that's left is to experience the exclusive world of TROWAS.




Everything in One Business Card!




Business cards used to be small pieces of paper containing critical information about you. With TROWAS Digital Business Cards, while preserving the business card format, they reach entirely different dimensions. In TROWAS, along with personal and contact information on your paper business card, you can also include many new contents such as your website, social media accounts, additional links you want to add, company details, biography, etc. In short, TROWAS offers you the opportunity to provide a personalized profile in business card form under one roof.




Customized Just for You!




With TROWAS Digital Business Cards, details like your logo, color palette, and creative details can be included in your business card as you wish. But that's not all... with TROWAS, the creative process continues in the profile you create. By adding your photo, cover image, and similar details, you can create a completely personalized space!


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