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24K Gold Digital Business Card

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86 x 54 x 1.35 mm and 25 gr.


It is shipped in packages made from recycled materials.

24K Gold

Highly polished 24 karat gold plating on Stainless Steel

ISO 27001 Certified

Your personal data privacy is important to us. We are securing all digital assets.


Touch, Share, Connect!
Welcome to a new generation digital business card that is both ecological and technological...

Thanks to the NFC technology of the Trowas digital business card and the dynamic QR code that does not expire, you can share your contact information instantly, anywhere and anytime during the meeting moments.

Your brand and your special design.

  •  For more custom design, and template siparis@trowas.com send an e-mail containing your request to our design team from the e-mail address
  •   Highly polished 24 karat gold plating on Stainless Steel
  •   NFC/RFID technology
  •   Free QR Code reader for old phone
  •   Free replacement PVC business card.
  •   One-time pay and No Monthly fee!
  •   Works compatible with Apple and Android phones, no application required.
  •   Diğer kişinin bilgilerinizi alması için bir uygulamanın yüklü olması gerekmez.
  •  Trowas has compatibility with almost all devices.
  •  For information about supported devices Trowas.com/cihazlar please visit the address.
  •  Your digital business card order will be prepared and delivered to the cargo within 1-3 business days.

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